Funky Bow Brewery | Welcome to the block party.

Want to go to a neighborhood block party, but there are none in your area? Head to Funky Bow Brewery for a truly festive experience. After a winter hike that turned into a more extended four mile trek, we were ready for some refreshments and relaxation so we headed to Funky Bow Brewery &  Beer Company in Lyman for pizza and beer.

It turned out to be a perfect afternoon and a real slice of American life. When we arrived around two, we discovered that it was Rock & Roll Saturday and the place was already busy. The brewery dining area is enclosed in a large greenhouse with plastic sheeting for walls. It has a dirt floor with rows of picnic tables lining each side, and a few taller round folding tables in the center. There’s a cashier in the outer room as you arrive where you can pay and are given beer tokens in exchange.

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Hiking Maine | Horton Woods in Saco, Maine

Our January was mild. That’s not always the case in Maine, but it made for some nice outside adventures last month. On one outing, we decided to try the trails at Horton Woods in Saco. There wasn’t a lot of snow on the ground, but we were a little unsure about how icy things would be. We only owned one pair of crampons. Crazy, I know and an error we have since corrected. But, for this outing, even with just the one pair, we decided to give it a shot.

The trail started off with only a light coating of melting snow and little ice so we were encouraged, but as we headed deeper into the woods there was more of a mixture of snow and ice so we ended up with our own little A/B test. My husband wore the crampons and I stayed with just my hiking shoes. In the end, it was a tie as we both managed to remain upright for the entire hike and in a few spots the crampons were more challenging mostly because they came off and had to be re-adjusted. Continue reading

The Travis Mills Foundation & Tough As They Come by SSG Travis Mills

Tough as They ComeI had heard of SSG Travis Mills but knew little of his life experiences or details of his catastrophic injuries received while serving with the 82nd Airborne in Afghanistan. I was drawn to his story because I had read about the Maine based non-profit that he launched called The Travis Mills Foundation which is in the process of creating a retreat for combat injured veterans and their families.

I have not been directly touched by war. I have family members who have served including four generations of Navy sailors starting with my grandfather down to my nephew who is currently serving. I’ve heard the stories. How my grandfather was away for years during the war and how my mother didn’t recognize him when he came home. How his brother woke up one morning during his deployment to discover the men on either side of him dead, and he carried the memories of the war deep inside. How he hated M.A.S.H. because he couldn’t understand why anyone would laugh about war.

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