Hiking Maine | A Visit to a Salt Marsh at Cutts Island Trail

As winter was winding down, we headed south to the Cutts Island Trail which is part of the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge. It is a short, two-mile circular hike by a salt marsh.

The first part of the trail follows along Chauncey Creek and was easy to maneuver. It is not a strenuous hike. It leads to beautiful views of the marsh. Somehow, even though it’s a loop trail we did struggle to stay on the return part of the trail.

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Going to yard sales this weekend? Here are some helpful tips.

My parents spend most Saturday mornings on the yard sale circuit. Trust me, it’s a thing. I’m a fan myself although I don’t go as often as they do. Maybe someday. My husband and I did make a pit stop to the annual ten-mile yard sale in Cornville on our way up to The Forks last spring. It’s one of those must do destinations for yard sale aficionados.

While we never did find the main drag, we spent a few enjoyable hours poking around some of the side roads leading up to the sale as we passed through Skowhegan. I even scored a $5 pair of ice skates and a $2 DVD of The Purge so the hunt was successful. Although after watching the Purge, I’m not sure it was a complete win.

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#atozchallenge | Reflections… Third Times a Charm

I am now a three-time survivor of the A to Z Blogging Challenge.  It was a little more intense for me this year since I waited until late March to make my final decision on whether or not to participate leaving my window to research, write and prep everything to only a few weeks since I like to keep April focused on all the social aspects of the challenge. April is when I spend my time visiting and commenting on other blogs not actually writing posts. Interacting with other bloggers is my favorite part of the challenge.

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