A to Z 2020 Theme Reveal

#AtoZChallenge | A Blissful Theme Reveal

Have you ever started a project or activity only to glance up at the time and realize five hours had passed?  Getting so engaged in the task at hand that time faded away? Pure bliss.

Bliss is a powerful word. It goes beyond mere happiness and joy. It can also feel fleeting or momentary.  This year my goal is to focus on rediscovering those things in my life that bring me true bliss.

I’ve embarked on another One Little Word® journey. I blogged about this project and my previous words, in my post One Little Word® Memory Keeping Project.  Essentially, you pick a word to guide you for the year. Each month you participate in a variety of tasks and creative projects to reinforce your intentions around the word.

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Coming Soon | My Posts for the April 2020 A to Z Blogging Challenge.

My blog is going to be flying again soon! This post is a place holder link for where my April 2020 A to Z Blog Posts will be found. I’m just doing a pre-test to be sure everything still works.

To learn more about the blogging challenge, check out the Blogging from A to Z Website. It’s a lot of fun!

And, be sure to check back on Monday, March 16th for my Theme Reveal Post. Looking forwarding to rejoining the challenge again this year!