#atozchallenge | Z is for the Zombie Apocalypse and Why Maine is the Place to Be

Being a long-time fan of the zombie genre, I feel pretty well versed in the skills needed to survive in a post apocalyptic world. I’ve even dreamed about my mad zombie skills. I was pretty impressive.

As my A-Z Blogging Challenge comes to an end, I felt I should take the opportunity to highlight why I’m confident that living in Maine will give me an advantage when the zombies come. And, they will come. It’s only a matter of time. Continue reading

Snow Covered Tree Branches

I miss snow days

We’re having a mild winter. It’s nice to get a break from some of the harsher ones that we’ve had as of late. It’s February and there is grass not snow covering the ground. While I appreciate the warm weather, and it was especially nice to be walking around Freeport yesterday without a coat, I have to admit that I’m a little disappointed in our winter so far this year.

I love snow days! Snow days force you to slow down and take a breath. They provide an opportunity where you don’t have to “do” anything. Deadlines are put on hold. Errands can wait. The pace is leisurely and relaxed making the day seem to last longer than most. Continue reading


10 Reasons Why I do Yoga even though I’m Awful at It

I am really awful at yoga. I’m not saying that with false modesty. It’s a definite fact. I actually think I am getting worse the more I go to class. I can barely do some of the poses, especially hovering in Chaturanga, I don’t see that one ever happening for me. I struggle to get through most sessions. Part of the issue is that I am in an intermediate class and I’m really a beginner. Unfortunately, the timing for the beginner class wasn’t an option, so off I go each week to a class I’m neither qualified for, nor one I will ever master. Continue reading