M is for Might & Main | A design firm that understands my passion for Maine.

When I was younger and developing my decorating style, I loved the classics and was especially drawn to English country design. My first house was a Colonial style and while it had a few colonial touches, like framed antique prints of Martha and George Washington, I never fully executed the look probably because I had two young children, zero money and even less time.

About five years ago, we went through an extensive home renovation on our home in Maine. It was a major undertaking where we took our house down to the foundation and started from scratch. Because we live on a lake, and there are a multitude of rules and environmental regulations that need to be followed, we hired an architect to design our new home and help navigate the process. He was wonderful to work with and helped guide us through the chaotic experience with ease.

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Portland Buy Local Indie Biz Awards 2016 Event & Winners

I am fascinated by a good story, and some of the best are related to local businesses. From a young startup, to a long standing establishment, they all have a their personal stories. I am truly enthralled by the creativity and uniqueness that each entrepreneur brings to their business. So, when I learned that the Portland Buy Local Indie Biz Awards were open to the public, I was eagerly on-board for this event. I had done my due diligence and voted online for my favorites, and looked forward to learning more about some of the other businesses with which I was less familiar.

The event was held at Portland House of Music. While there was a small line when we arrived, things moved quickly. We signed in and got our auction number. There was both a silent and live auction planned for the event. Once the registration was completed, we entered the bar and were immediately greeted by the tempting smell of chocolate cookies which were displayed on one of the food stations placed near the entrance. We were off to a good start.

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Tasting our way through the Fork Food Lab grand opening.

Hanging out at the Fork Food Lab grand opening was a festive experience. We were not alone in our excitement at checking out this new shared kitchen space. We arrived a little after six pm and the party was in full swing, along with a decent size line waiting to enter but fortunately things were moving quickly.

The perimeter of the parking area in front of Fork Food Labs was lined with tables where Fork Food Lab members were passing out samples of their tasty food creations. There were pockets of people huddled around the tables waiting for their turn to try the samples, as well as other sporadic lines. It was a little hard to know exactly where to go at times but it all worked out.

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Getting a Haircut at the Blind Pig Barber Company in Portland Maine

My husband is utilitarian when it comes to getting his haircut. He’s had the same hairstyle since we met and goes faithfully to super cuts every two months for a trim. When I spotted a Groupon for a more upscale men’s barber shop in Portland, the Blind Pig Barber Company, I thought it might be a fun change of pace for him to try something new.

Being a good sport, he let me tag along so that I could take pictures and blog about the experience. We headed over on a Friday afternoon around 5:00 pm. My husband made a reservation, but we probably could have done a walk in appointment at that time as it was not too crowded. If you’re heading that way, I’d still opt for the reservation. You can even make one online. Always better to be prepared, and it was picking up a bit as we left.

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