Getting a Haircut at the Blind Pig Barber Company in Portland Maine

My husband is utilitarian when it comes to getting his haircut. He’s had the same hairstyle since we met and goes faithfully to super cuts every two months for a trim. When I spotted a Groupon for a more upscale men’s barber shop in Portland, the Blind Pig Barber Company, I thought it might be a fun change of pace for him to try something new.

Being a good sport, he let me tag along so that I could take pictures and blog about the experience. We headed over on a Friday afternoon around 5:00 pm. My husband made a reservation, but we probably could have done a walk in appointment at that time as it was not too crowded. If you’re heading that way, I’d still opt for the reservation. You can even make one online. Always better to be prepared, and it was picking up a bit as we left.

The Blind Big Barber Company is located in the Old Port area of Portland. The entrance is on Milk Street, the cute cobble stoned road that connects Exchange and Market Streets. As you enter the Blind Pig Barber Company, you immediately head down towards the basement level of the building and into a handsomely appointed space with exposed brick and stone. The space is one large open area grouped into functional sections.

When you first walk in there is a small bar area on the right, where the super friendly receptionist greeted us. We grabbed a couple of seats and she offered us a complimentary drink. My husband was impressed with the beer selection and ordered a Founders Dirty Bastard. He loved it! They also offered wine and other beverage options for guests. I spotted a coffee area close by as well.

My husband didn’t wait long before he was called to the chair for his haircut. He brought his beer with him and the hairdresser informed him that she was skilled at cutting hair without getting any in the drinks. She had learned quickly after starting at the shop. He just needed to keep the beer in his right hand. A small sacrifice to enjoy a beer while getting your hair done.

While he got his haircut which started with a soothing head massage, I enjoyed taking in the space and chatting with the receptionist. There was a generous lounge area with oversize comfy looking furniture and a flat screen television as well as a table and chairs. There were other flat screen televisions throughout the space. There were quite a few cutting stations that formed an l-shape around the back and side wall.

It was a quick visit but we had a fun time checking out the Blind Pig Barber Company. My husband was happy with his haircut and enjoyed his beer. It was a fun change of pace from his usual routine. It’s worth the trip!

things to know
Name Blind Pig Barber Company
Address 46 Market St, Portland, ME 04101
Phone (207) 536-4772
Website Blind Pig Barber Company
Favorite ♥ Super Friendly Staff

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