#atozchallege | L is for Lobster with a View

Lobster is my favorite food. Probably not a surprise for a girl from Maine although it’s not loved by all Mainers – honestly. I have a childhood friend who won’t touch it. But, for me, it’s my favorite and I thoroughly enjoy it. One of the first comments that my future mother-in-law made about me after meeting me for the first time was, “She really knows how to eat a lobster.”  It’s true. I do.

Usually, we’ll eat lobster at home. There are some advantages to eating it at home. (1) It’s easy enough to prepare; (2) You can get as messy as you want; and (3) It’s cheaper. We always do a least a few clam bakes over the summer. But, sometimes, it’s nice to go out for lobster too.

I’m a purist when it comes to eating lobster. All I want is lobster meat and drawn butter. I like to taste lobster and don’t want anything else messing with the flavor. The other thing that is important to me, if I’m heading out for lobster, is the view. Lobster just tastes better when you eat it next to the ocean. That’s not a scientific observation, just an emotional one.

With that in mind, here are some of my favorite places, all with amazing views, to enjoy a lobster in Maine. Don’t rush out though, most of these places are seasonal and open up sometime in the spring. Sadly, my pictures won’t show these amazing destinations at their best since many of them were taken this spring before the summer season kicks into gear.

The Lobster Shack at Two Lights. 225 Two Lights Rd, Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107

If there is nothing better than eating lobster overlooking the ocean, then you can’t beat this place. While the Lobster Shack does have an inside dining area, the real draw for me is their large outside eating area with picnic tables and amazing ocean views. The views of the open ocean are wonderful. The eating area is surrounded by large rocks separating the restaurant from the ocean below. I’ve taken many family pictures in this stunning location.

Open for the Season | March 26, 2016

The Portland Lobster Company. 180 Commercial St., Portland, Maine.

You don’t have to leave the city to get amazing views. I love the atmosphere at the Portland Lobster Company. They have a large outside patio area with tables overlooking the docks. They usually have live music in the summer. It can be a busy location, but we seem to have good luck getting a table. You order at the bar and then get a buzzer to let you know when your order is ready. It’s casual but has a high energy vibe.

Open for the Season | May 5, 2016

The Lobster Dock. 49 Atlantic Ave., Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538

At least once a year, we head up to Boothbay Harbor and spend the day walking around their downtown area. We never go to Boothbay Harbor without a lunch time stop at the Lobster Dock. This is another wonderful outside spot to enjoy lobster with a view. You can grab a seat at one of their picnic tables and watch what’s happening in the harbor. In the summer, the harbor is full of activity with boats everywhere.

Open for the Season | May 27, 2016

Young’s Lobster Pound. 2 Fairview St. Belfast, ME 04915

We were so happy to find this place on our trip to Belfast a few years ago. While they also have inside seating, their outside area with picnic tables is definitely where you’ll find me. It has lovely views of Penobscot Bay. It’s a little bit more of a trek for us, so we probably won’t get there every year, but next time we’re in that area we’ll definitely stop by again.

Open Year Round

Youngs Lobster Pound

There are many fabulous places in Maine to get a lobster. These are just a few restaurants that I enjoy and great destinations where you can enjoy both a lobster and the view. Many of these places are seasonal and I’m excited that we’re getting closer to when they’ll all be opening up again.

Lobster with a View

Lobster with a View

things to know
The Lobster Shack at Two Lights 225 Two Lights Rd, Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107
Portland Lobster Company 180 Commercial St., Portland, Maine.
The Lobster Dock 49 Atlantic Ave., Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538
Young’s Lobster Pound 4 Mitchell St, Belfast, ME 04915
Favorite ♥ Lobster

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29 thoughts on “#atozchallege | L is for Lobster with a View

  1. Sarah Ferguson and Choppy says:

    I am not a huge lobster fan – it is too rich for my tastes. But I do eat it sometimes, and definitely whenever I end up in Maine. These places look awesome – and I would suggest that it’s not just lobster, but all seafood that tastes better with a view of the ocean or water!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. evelyneholingue says:

    I love lobster too. And I’m so faithful to Maine that I’ve never eaten lobster away from Maine. Actually it’s easy since I truly believe in eating local foods. So in my opinion there are no other places but Maine when it comes to lobsters. Great pics that make me a little nostalgic.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Weekends in Maine says:

      A blog about Maine is almost required to use lobster for L! There are definitely different types of lobster out there. I’m glad the ones you had in Fiji were delicious. I’d love to try them some day although I’ll always be partial to Maine Lobster.


  3. Darcy says:

    I absolutely love Maine! One of my favorite spots is the view of Penobscot Bay from Mount Battie. I definitely have to get back there to visit soon. Let’s be honest – there is no better place to eat lobster.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Weekends in Maine says:

      Sadly, I seem to only get up to the Acadia area once every five years or so and I don’t really have any favorites. I think I’m due for another trip though so maybe I’ll find that perfect lobster spot up that way this summer. I’ll have to update the blog when I do!


  4. dyannedillon says:

    Okay, I’ve never eaten lobster before, but you also have to remember that I am 2,000 miles away from where it lives. And as a picky eater, I don’t eat things that look that much like they did when they were alive, but I’d find something I could eat there!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Weekends in Maine says:

      I absolutely get that lobster is not for everyone plus I agree that eating lobster 2000 miles away from the source is not the best way too enjoy it. If you ever decide to try it, Maine is the place to do it!


  5. lindamaycurry says:

    We’ll be in Maine in June! Only a day, in Bar Harbour on a cruise from Montreal to Boston. I’ll have to check out the best lobster in the area. I love lobster. The best one I ever had was at St Helens in Tasmania but I am prepared to be impressed.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. lindamaycurry says:

    Lobster is my favourite too. It’s a bit far to go to Maine from here but the best lobster I had was bought on the roadside in Tasmania. My husband’s dream is to fly to King Island in Bass Strait (between Tasmania and mainland Australia) and live on lobster and cheese (not together). Maybe next year when all this is over.


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