Spring Festival at Wolfe’s Neck Farm

What’s a fun thing to do on a lovely spring day? Head to Wolfe’s Neck Farm in Freeport. Their annual spring festival was scheduled for early June, and we decided to take a ride up and check out the festivities.

The description of the farm from their brochure reads,

“Wolfe’s Neck Farm is a nonprofit educational farm dedicated to promoting sustainable agriculture, farm-based learning, and outdoor recreation while preserving 626 acres of open space and historic buildings.”

I was familiar with the farm but had actually never visited so I was looking forward to the road trip. As we got closer to the farm, we were greeted by stunning ocean views. There is a campground at Wolfe’s Neck Farm, Recompence Shore Campground, which is along the oceanfront and looks like an amazing place to stay. I might have to add that to my to-do list. Although I gave away my tent, after storing it unopened in my basement for ten years, there are a few cabins available to rent at the campground.

We arrived at Wolfe’s Neck Farm as the spring festival was winding down so we didn’t get to enjoy the morning activities, but there was still a lot happening. As it was lunch time, the first thing we did was head to the food trucks that were lined up along the road near the main tent.

We spread the love and decided to taste something from a few different food trucks. We grabbed a burrito from Rolling Fatties, fries from Wicked Good, and a dessert crepe from Cafe Crepe. Our burrito was stuffed to the brim, deliciously messy. It was devoured in no time. The fries were a great compliment to the burrito.

We took a break before heading back to Cafe Crepe, but when we did were extremely happy with our lemon dessert crepe. It was fun to watch them drizzle and spread the batter into a perfectly round, thin crepe. All three food stops were excellent. I’m a big fan of food trucks, and love how many options there are available in Maine.

While we were eating, we sat at the tables that were setup under the tent and listened to the music while watching the younger kids dancing and bouncing to the tunes. This was a an extremely kid friendly event.

Once we finished our meal, we walked around the farm to take in the rest of the sites.

We started with a stroll around the road that loops behind the main building which allowed us to stop and see many of their farm animals. All adorable!

The chicken coop had a variety of beautiful, colorful chickens strutting around their large fenced in space. Each chicken had their own unique look. One group was huddled in the shade of the coop getting some relief from the hot sunshine.

We then visited the goats who were curled up together in a little grouping resting. Behind them and heading into the barn were the lambs some of whom seemed a bit more curious about the people wandering the farm.

The highlight of the farm animals were the newly born, four week old calves. They were in pens inside the barn resting on some hay. The farm was having a naming contest at the festival to pick names for these little ones. According to Wolfe’s Neck Farm’s Facebook post, the final “Name the Calf” results were…Saturn, Jolene, and Dotty.

Before leaving the barn, we took a quick peak into a small window cut out of another enclosure, and were rewarded with views of a team of ducklings hanging out under a heat lamp and swimming in makeshift pond made out of a shallow bowl.

In addition to the animals, there were a lot of activities going on for the kids. There were scattered plastic covered bales of hay where they could draw their masterpieces, a variety of tractors for climbing and playing pretend, and piles of wool for felting to name just a few. In one area, they were showing  bees hard at work behind a clear plastic enclosure creating their sticky honey. There were also hayrides although we did not take one on this trip to the farm, but we saw many of the festival goers enjoying them.

We did stop by the small food stand area and bought a couple of tomato seedlings grown by their Wolfe’s Neck Farm Teen Ag Program. While I’m not always successful at growing things, I couldn’t resist the thought of fresh tomatoes. It’s been a month now, and the plants are getting really big. One struggled a bit when our dog knocked the pot over and lopped off the top, but it seems to be rebounding so fingers crossed. I’m still hopeful we’ll be enjoyed some juicy tomatoes in a month or so.

It was a fun spring event and definitely a great family destination. We enjoyed our stop and Wolfe’s Neck Farm. They host tons of other activities throughout the year too. I’m hoping to get to one of their farm-to-table dinners in the future.

Wolfe's Neck Farm Spring Festival | Freeport, Maine

Wolfe’s Neck Farm Spring Festival | Freeport, Maine

things to know
Name Wolfe’s Neck Farm
Address 184 Burnett Road, Freeport, Maine 04032
Phone (207) 865-4469
Website Wolfe’s Neck Farm
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