#atozchallenge | P is for Port City Music Hall and Bruce in the USA

My husband and I tried something new this past Valentine’s Day. We went to Port City Music Hall in Portland to listen to a Bruce Springsteen tribute band: Bruce in the USA. We’ve both been huge fans of Bruce for a long time, and have been fortunate enough to have seen him on many of his tours, but we weren’t sure what to expect from a cover band and I was a little nervous. In my hesitation, I waited until the morning of Valentine’s day to actually buy our tickets which meant we paid more for them. This didn’t sit well with my coupon loving soul but what can you do? It was my own fault.

It was the first time we had ever been to Port City Music Hall and the venue was great. It’s a large open space and, other than a small VIP seating area off the left, it was a standing room, general admissions event. I’m not sure if all their shows are setup the same way or not. I’ve read online that for some of their events, such as a comedy show, they do put out seats. But for this rocking evening, it was VIP or standing room. We were standing.

We arrived when the doors opened at 6:00 pm. There was a large bar area so we grabbed a couple of beers. My husband was happy that they had some local brews on tap. Because we arrived so early, we were able to find a really great “standing” location to hang out at for the show. It was next to the VIP section, and there was a counter area where we could put down our beers which was a nice bonus, and we were close to the stage. It’s a small, intimate space.

Once the show started, the energy picked up. The lead singer really did sound like Bruce making it easy to get into the songs. Not that it’s ever hard for me to sign along to a Springsteen song. They played a great set with a lot of our favorites. I can see why they advertise themselves as the number one tribute to Springsteen and the E Street band.

A random note about the venue. There was a coat check available for $2.00. It was nice not to have to hang onto our coats during the show. This was especially handy as we were there in February.

I had been a little unsure about the show before we went, but I’m really glad that we did. It was a fantastic show and a fun way to spend Valentine’s day. I also highly recommend the venue. Have you ever gone to see a cover band? Did you enjoy it?

Port City Music Hall

Port City Music Hall

things to know
Port City Music Hall 504 Congress St, Portland, ME 04101
Phone (207) 956-6000
Website Port City Music Hall
Bruce in the USA Tour Schedule
Favorite ♥ Song Out In The Street

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23 thoughts on “#atozchallenge | P is for Port City Music Hall and Bruce in the USA

  1. Jean says:

    Cover bands can be a lot of fun! We’ve seen a Weezer cover band and a Prince cover band. The Weezer cover band looked like a bunch of frat boys, but the Prince cover band really got into it. They had costume changes and everything. I haven’t seen any Springsteen cover bands, but if one comes our way, I’ll make sure to check them out!

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  2. XmasDolly says:

    My husband is in a cover band. He plays lead guitar and sings. They’re called “We Ain’t Right”! They had a double gig this past Saturday. One was an opening at a Harley Davidson store & they played on a stage in the parking lot and there was tables/chairs in front of it and a long line of tables with a beer stand & food. It was a great show and I took lots of videos & pics. I had a great time, but a little too much sun. Then they played at a club called the Winners Circle in Maple Park. They were tired, but they pulled it off quite nicely. Glad to hear that you had a great time.

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  3. Sarah Ferguson and Choppy says:

    A good cover band is a lot of fun – a lot cheaper than the real thing, and guaranteed to play the hits!

    Actually, back in the day (when I was cooler and didn’t listen to Jimmy Buffett and…Jimmy Buffett), I went to a small venue Metallica show. They were only going to play songs off of a particular album, so for the opening band, they brought along a Metallica cover band – I thought that was a pretty cool thing to do!

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  4. evelyneholingue says:

    Just heard Bruce recently and of course this is much better than a tribute. But I’m still glad for you that you heard a great band giving homage to an amazing artist. Plus it’s a nice way to showcase the nice town of Portland.

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  5. dyannedillon says:

    This part of me (a HUGE part of me) says standing for a whole concert would make me want to collapse. That being said, I saw Madonna in January and I stood up for nearly the entire thing. If the music is good enough, standing isn’t so tiring! Glad you enjoyed the cover band.

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