M is for Might & Main | A design firm that understands my passion for Maine.

When I was younger and developing my decorating style, I loved the classics and was especially drawn to English country design. My first house was a Colonial style and while it had a few colonial touches, like framed antique prints of Martha and George Washington, I never fully executed the look probably because I had two young children, zero money and even less time.

About five years ago, we went through an extensive home renovation on our home in Maine. It was a major undertaking where we took our house down to the foundation and started from scratch. Because we live on a lake, and there are a multitude of rules and environmental regulations that need to be followed, we hired an architect to design our new home and help navigate the process. He was wonderful to work with and helped guide us through the chaotic experience with ease.

Finally, I would get the house of my dreams. Guess what? It looks nothing like the traditional styles I had carried in my head forever. One interesting evolution that occurred during the renovation process is that my design aesthetic changed. I started to appreciate more modern touches and clean lines. My house is now a happy combination of modern and classic but most importantly cozy. And, I still have my George and Martha prints.

The whole experience gave me a new appreciate for good design. Might and Main is a local Portland branding and design firm that has worked with many of my favorite businesses and restaurants in the area. They produce beautiful, distinctive work.

In addition to their design work, they also have a small online shop featuring their “the 1820 collection” which showcases items designed with a focus on Maine. Many of the pieces also incorporate our state motto Dirigo, which is Latin for “I Lead”, into many of the products.

The description of the collection from the Might and Main website reads,

“We’re proud to live and work in the great state of Maine. We’re surrounded and constantly inspired by a rugged practicality that finds beauty in honest simplicity. As an homage to Maine, we created this collection of usable goods marked with the word that has proclaimed our state’s mission since declaring independence in 1820: “Dirigo,” Latin for “I Lead.” Whether you’re a true Mainer, a transplant, a part-timer, or just an admirer, may these goods inspire you to lead your own way and keep Maine in your heart.”

I absolutely fell in love with one of their prints which I bought this past fall and had custom framed. It now has a prominent place in my kitchen and is one of my absolute favorite things. The print which has an E.B. White quote printed in orange letters over an old map of Maine makes me smile every time I walk by the picture.

The quote is a perfect reflection of how I feel about Maine,

“I would rather feel bad in Maine than feel good anywhere else.”


They don’t have an especially large collection on their online shop, but I love all the items that they do have. I think up next for me is their Dirigo enamel mugs which would look pretty sweet sitting on the beverage station under my print.

Do you have a favorite print or picture in your house? Does it have a personal connection for you?

things to know
Company Name Might & Main
Location 408 Fore Street, Suite 3A
Portland, Maine 04101
Phone 207 370-7298
Website Might & Main
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10 thoughts on “M is for Might & Main | A design firm that understands my passion for Maine.

  1. Denise says:

    I have many favorite pictures in my home and couldn’t pick just one, although my son’s pen and ink drawing that took 3rd place in a Congressional art contest and hangs here by my computer is pretty cool.

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  2. lindamaycurry says:

    We just had a photo blown up and made into a large wall hanging. It is of a fire and supper in a three hundred year old house in St Remy, Provence, France, We had just arrived and it was wet and cold. All the shops were closed except one where we were able to get smoked salmon, terrine, cheese, tomatoes and some wine. The house owners had left us some wood so we lit the fire and ate our repast. it sits over our dining table and I love the memories it brings every time I look at it.

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  3. janeturley says:

    I have a real assortment of art in my house – from collections of cigarette cards to modern impressionist prints. But I have some original artwork that I bought from an American artist that copies of were to be published in a new illustrated copy of Heart of Darkness. They’ve been waiting for me to get them framed for about three years! I really must do it as they are so original and unique.

    Your house sounds beautiful. Mine is a total mess with three sons (they’re not much help with the housework!) I really look forward to the day when it all looks calm and peaceful and not like it’s been hit by a tornado!

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    • Weekends in Maine says:

      The original artwork used in a new illustrated version of Heart of Darkness sounds so interesting. I bet they’ll look beautiful when framed. It’s always fun to have something unique. I have one other print from a recent trip that is still waiting to be framed. I really have to get that one done too.

      I struggle with the mess created by my teenagers. It’s always a challenge but I know I’ll be sad when they’re on their own although I suspect I’ll enjoy the cleaner house part.


  4. Louise says:

    I think, rather like your print of Maine, we have a painting of the Canadian Parliament buildings in our living room that I absolutely adore. It was painted by the father of the best man at our wedding and was his wedding gift to us. My husband and I met while we both worked on Parliament Hill and I remember getting to browse through paintings – as part of the present – before we both chose this one as soon as we saw it. It’s the selections like these that really help make a home your own.

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