L is for LooHoo | Add some fun to your laundry routine with Wool Dryer Balls.

I long ago gave up using dryer sheets. There seemed to be too many environmental reasons as to why they’re not a good choice. Plus, I really never liked the smell. They were too overly fragrant for my taste.

I didn’t substitute anything for them. I dried my clothes without them. This worked fine most of the time, but occasionally static would cause some things to stick together when I would take out my clothes. Nothing big, just a minor nuisance.

I started seeing wool dryer balls popping up about five years ago, but as I wasn’t feeling that negatively impacted by my dryer sheet free laundry routine, I didn’t do follow up until recently when I learned that there was a manufacturer right here in Maine – LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls. Who doesn’t want to support a local company named after Cindy Lou Who of Dr. Seuss fame?

Some of the advertised benefits of the LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls include:

Soften Clothes
Reduce Drying Time
Conserve Energy

I’d like to add one more thing to the benefits list. Wool dryer balls are pretty and add a touch of beauty to the laundry room. But, it was the energy savings that motivated me to finally try them. I love the idea of reducing the time I spend drying clothes and saving on electricity. It’s better for me and for the environment.

The LooHoo website outlines the companies core values including using only domestic wool and a commitment to the local economy with all product and manufacturing of the wool dryer balls done in Maine.

A couple of tips if using these for the first time,

  1. You’ll need a basket or other container to hold the balls when you’re changing over the laundry. At first I tried to gingerly take the laundry out while working around the dryer balls but had a few experiences where the balls rolled across my basement floor. Now, I take them out as I remove the laundry and put them in a basket. When I’m ready for the next load, I pop them back in.
  2. I started with one pack of three, and it really wasn’t enough. Their website has a great chart on how many you need depending on load size. Three is good for a small load. I haven’t had a small load of laundry since before I had kids. For medium loads, they recommend five and for large loads nine. I picked up another pack so now I’m up to six which is working better but I might need to get one more.
  3. They sometimes end up in sleeves or other clothes so keep an eye as you take out the laundry. I had one mysteriously disappear and show up on my kitchen counter a few weeks later. I suspect it was put away with some one’s clean clothes by accident although I never did find out.

If you’d like to learn more about this Maine based company, Cyndi Prince, the founder of LooHoo, was featured on a recent episode of the Love Maine Radio podcast #274 Maine Suds.

In addition to the dryer balls, they make wool pet toys and eggs. You can buy LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls at many retailers throughout the country including Whole Foods which is where I picked up my set. The cost was $19.99 for a set of three wool dryer balls. You can also buy them from the LooHoo website.

Have you ever tried LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls? Do you have any tricks for saving energy in the laundry room?

things to know
Company Name LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls
Location Camden, Maine
Website  LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls
Favorite ♥ Quicker Drying Time!

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25 thoughts on “L is for LooHoo | Add some fun to your laundry routine with Wool Dryer Balls.

  1. lindamaycurry says:

    I rarely use the dryer because we have an undercover area for when it rains and otherwise use the Hills Hoist (rotary clothesline). However I did spend a year in England (no children) without a dryer. I was on exchange (job and house) so had no choice. There was a little Hills Hoist in the back garden but in winter we hung clothes over clothes horses in the house and in the cupboard where the hot water heater stood.
    The Loohoo balls sound great. I would consider them if I used the dryer more.

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    • Weekends in Maine says:

      I do a lot of line drying as well but unfortunately do not have the setup to do it all by air. My grandmother use to dry all hers on a clothes line. It’s certainly the most environmentally friendly way.


  2. Andy says:

    I haven’t used dryer sheets for years. I found that even though they made the laundry smell nice and reduced static, they made my towels less fluffy sooner. So I gave them up. Like the previous comment, however, I am curious about whether the LooHoo balls fight static. How static free are your laundry loads?

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  3. Sarah Ferguson and Choppy says:

    I’ve never heard of dryer balls at all – these are fascinating. I like everything to come out of the dryer nice and soft, so fabric softener and I are friends – though if I could get the effect some other way, that would be awesome.

    Also, anything that makes laundry seem less like work and more like fun has to be a good thing.

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  4. Donna B. McNicol [@dbmcnicol] says:

    Interesting – I use the little Hedgehog dryer balls [http://amzn.to/2oHTemF]. I got my first ones when we were living in Ecuador, traditional dryer sheets were EXPENSIVE! I loved them. Came home and bought another set for the dryer in our RV. When we bought our house in January, I bought two more sets for my new giant sized dryer.

    They aren’t as effective in fighting static as I suspect the wool might be, but they definitely work on the softening side. Plus, they’re cute (and I talk to them when they try to run away out of the dryer…LOL).

    L: Las Vegas & Leesburg
    DB McNicol, author & traveler
    Theme: Oh, the places we will go!

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  5. Louise says:

    I must admit I’ve never given any thought to dryer sheets not being good for the environment. I will look into that – so thanks for that.

    As for dryer balls – I have also never heard of these – so thanks for a all ’round educational post for me today! And three cheers for Dr. Seuss!

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