Light and Fluffy Breakfast Sandwich from Biscuits & Company in Biddeford

I grew up in Saco and one of my favorite things is to see how the Biddeford-Saco area is coming back to life as new restaurants and businesses move into some of the vacant spaces and revitalized areas. I still get down to the area fairly regularly, and it’s always fun to check out some of these new places when I do.

On a recent  lunch outing with a friend, I was looking forward to going to Biscuits & Company. I hadn’t had a chance to eat there yet, and was intrigued by this biscuit bistro. It gets great reviews which I discovered during my quick google search for local lunch spots. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. My bar for biscuits is extremely low having only had experience with the Bisquick variety which I dropped by random spoonfuls into a homemade and remarkably flavorless chicken pot pie many years ago. There may have been a few of the Pillsbury frozen variety on occasion too.

But, even if the bar had been set much higher. Biscuits & Company would have sailed over it easily. These were delicious biscuits, full of flavor. I might have to move biscuits up a few notches on my favorite foods list after this recent visit to Biscuits & Company.

As you walk into the large open space everything is awash in sunshine coming from the floor to ceiling windows that border two sides. The bright, white open space has orange accents, clean lines and an eclectic decor. The kitchen is divided from the counter service by a half counter and the menu which is creatively displaced on baking sheets chained together in vertical rows that hang down from the ceiling.

We went up to the counter to review our options. In addition to the menu selections, there are a variety of baked goods on display behind and on top of the glass counter. The blueberry muffins looked especially delicious with their blue tinged juiciness.

They also advertise use of local ingredients which always makes me happy. I saw they listed Casco Bay Butter as one of the local companies they use. I had just recently listened to a podcast of The Grow Maine Show which highlighted Casco Bay Butter‘s presentation at Launchpad. The butter is definitely on my “must try” list.

As I glanced through the menu, it didn’t take me long to settle on my choice. I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet, and was looking for something a little more substantial so went for a bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich on a biscuit which I paired with a sparkling lemonade. After ordering, we went back to our table to wait for our meal.

When our meals were ready, the staff brought them to us. The biscuit sandwich looked wonderful and tasted even better. I’m a big fan of breakfast sandwiches but historically have gone with more traditional English muffin style. I was unsure what to expect from a biscuit based one. What I got was extra deliciousness. The biscuit was fluffy and moist with a nice crunch on the outside. The combination was fantastic.

It was a little difficult to eat as a traditional sandwich so I went with the fork and knife approach which worked great and let me enjoy every last crumb. I’m not sure how the other menu items were as we only tried the breakfast sandwich on this trip but I’m looking forward to coming back to try more of their offerings. They have combinations I would never have thought of for biscuits. I’ll definitely be back again.

Biscuits & Company

Biscuits & Company

things to know
Restaurant Biscuits & Company
Address 25 Alfred St, Biddeford, ME 04005
Phone (207) 710-2333
Website Biscuits & Company
Favorite ♥ Breakfast Sandwich

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