Hiking Maine | Finally made it to the not so secret Seawall Beach in Phippsburg.

Ever since our visit to Popham Beach in Phippsburg, I have been wanting to head back to the area for a hike at nearby Seawall Beach. Most articles that I have read refer to this spot as a hidden beach since the only access point is by hiking in and then back out. However, after my recent visit, it’s clear that it’s a fairly well-known destination based on the number of other hikers that we encountered on our way to this beautiful beach.

I had romanticized the idea of traveling through the forest on a rarely used, slightly overgrown trail before emerging suddenly from the wilds onto the beach. The treasure at the end of the hike. That is not this hike other than the treasure at the end. The trail is actually a wide road covered in a mixture of asphalt patches and packed dirt. It was easy to follow and not strenuous.

The trail gradually climbs upward bringing you to the top of Morse Mountain. It’s not overly steep, more of a relaxed, gradual incline to the top.  At the high point, an offshoot of the trail, takes you out to a granite ledge where you can take in the beautiful shoreline views from a distance.

After a stop to enjoy the views, we hiked down the remainder of the trail until we reached Seawall Beach. Many of the hikers we encountered on our way in were loaded up with beach chairs, blankets, and other essentials, clearly prepared to spend a longer visit. It became clear why once we reached the shore. It’s a beautiful spot with a wide expanse of ocean as far as you can see both to the right and to the left.  There were also plenty of places where you could find a private patch of beach to relax and enjoy.

A rocky outcropping rose up from the sand a short distance from where we entered the beach and was the perfect place for us to stop and enjoy the views. We walked the ocean’s edge for a bit, but our hiking shoes were not sand friendly and the tide was coming in which would soon make getting past the rocks and back out to the trail more of a swimming experience so we didn’t venture far. Instead we spent most of our time sitting on the rocks, eating our snacks and listening to the rhythm of the waves.

This was a great hike. It wasn’t overly challenging but the payoff was amazing. The parking area is not that large and they do sometimes have to turn people away when it fills up so get there early. You’ll want to arrive early anyway so that you can spend more time enjoying this not so secret, but still magical destination.

Hiking n Maine


things to know
Place Seawall Beach
Address Phippsburg Peninsula
Website Seawall Beach – Trails.Com
Favorite ♥ Rocky Coastline

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