Our Scottish Adventure in 5 Parts

I love airports. When I posted this sentiment recently on Facebook, a friend commented, “You’re being sarcastic, right?” I was not.

The energy and endless possibilities have always excited me. I typically arrive extremely early well before the suggested arrival time. I’d rather sit in an airport relaxing and enjoying a drink, or meal, depending on the time, while people watching than rush through security and get to the gate as my flight is boarding.

Our most recent adventure brought my excitement to new levels. Three years of planning our Scottish Adventure and constantly tweaking and updating our plans as pandemic shutdowns delayed us not once but twice had not dampened my anticipation but rather heightened it. When we finally arrived to gate E12 at Logan International Airport after a leisurely in-airport meal at Legal Seafoods, I was giddy and ready for our red-eye.

Maine and Scotland share a similar vibe: the mountains and the sea coming together. I felt very much at home in Scotland. But sadly, at least for my husband, the whisky is uniquely theirs.

I’ll be departing from my usual Maine centered posts for a bit as I document our recent travels around Scotland. The trip was worth the wait!

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#AtoZChallenge | Reflections Post. Carving out time for the things we love.

Last year was all about connections, and this year it was about making time for the things that nourish me and bring joy into my life.

I’ve always loved this quote:

Earth Art

It is one of the reasons I love crafting and working on art projects. It adds beauty to my world. It also fills up my soul with happiness. My theme this year of craft projects for my home accomplished both for me. Continue reading

#AtoZChallenge | My Zine goes digital to showcase my crafty April

I have enjoyed crafting my way through the A to Z challenge this year and for my final post, I’m going digital. I’ve created an online zine to showcase all of my home craft projects.

What is a zine? 

a noncommercial often homemade or online publication usually devoted to specialized and often unconventional subject matter


When I return from a trip, I spend weeks, even months, crafting my travel album. I journal while away so I have good “notes” and love to find that delicate balance between pictures and text that combine seamlessly to tell the stories of my travels. My trip never feels complete until I’ve transferred my travel memories into a printed keepsake. Continue reading

#AtoZChallenge | Yarn balls, or maybe yarn ovals, for a decorative accent

My fireplace mantel sat for many years empty or even worse with a few random mismatched pieces. I could never quite figure out what worked in the space. It was the albatross hanging over our living room. When we ramped up our COVID-19 project to do list, tackling the mantle was top of that list.

I found some great outdoor themed prints from The Landmark Project for the wall above the mantle and then started judiciously editing the pieces that I had on hand until I had a final display that I loved. But, as with all my projects, it still needed one more thing.

I had a glass vase that was the perfect shape and size as an accent piece for the mantel but it rarely had flowers in it so was a little plain. I added some gold tone twine balls that filled out the vase nicely. It made all the difference.

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#AtoZChallenge | Xerox print transfer to evoke my all time favorite word.

I didn’t have an idea in my head. I just knew the word I wanted to evoke. It’s my all time favorite word.

I drive my girls crazy because I talk about it all the time. I text them images when I come across the word in a book. I mention it to them during casual conversation although it never comes off as casual as I would like. I point it out when it comes up in a movie or television show. I feel it is the most critical personality trait a person can have in life.  It sustains you and helps you move forward whatever the world throws at you. I believe you can develop it but whether a gift from birth or learned you must have it.

That word is GRIT! Resiliency, Bootstraps, Tenacity, Perseverance. There are many words. Grit is my favorite.

I wanted to create an art piece that would remind me of this word at a glance. I’m sure on my deathbed my girls will be throwing it in the donation bin but hopefully I’ll get to enjoy it for many years before that time comes.

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