Maine Hikes | Little River Preserve Gorham, Maine

We were looking for something a little more strenuous when picking out next hike but also having limited time needed to stay somewhat local. So, we headed to Gorham and the Little River Preserve . Still being new to hiking, finding the trail entrance is often a struggle for us. They can be somewhat hidden.

This trail was even harder to find than usual for us. It’s located on Route 202 on the eastbound side right before Little River Drive, but we drove by it a few times before finally seeing the entrance. Once we found it, we realized there was also a small parking area by the trail entrance.

After parking, we headed onto the trail and had barely gone any distance when we came out on a paved road. It was the shortest hike ever! You have to turn right and walk up the street a little bit before connecting back up with the trail which is located on the other side of the road. The information found on  Maine Trail Finder has a great map and gives more detailed information on this trail.

As we started onto the next part of the trail, it was a fairly level, even path but what really struck us was how many fallen trees we saw. It was a little bit like a tree grave yard. It gave everything an eerie quality. It was also early spring so all the green hadn’t filled into the trees yet adding to the starkness.

But, it was a beautiful day and we were motivated. The trail is basically a loop so we started by heading to the right. The trail is well-marked but abruptly ends on private property in a few spots, as it redirects you back into the loop.

The backside of the trail follows the river pretty closely and you start to encounter steeper inclines and more complex trails until arriving at a small rapids at which point the trail turns to the left and starts to loop back.

It was not a long trail but some of the inclines and steps were slightly more challenging but in a good way. There were a couple of offshoots to the main trail as well that you can take to make the hike a little longer but  we just did the main loop on this hike because of our time constraints. It was exactly the type of hike we were looking for on a warm spring Saturday.

Little River Property | Gorham, Maine Little River Property | Gorham, Maine

things to know
Trail Little River Preserve
Location Gorham, Maine
Distance 1.2 Miles / 3 Miles (depending on which trails you take)
Favorite ♥ Challenging Inclines

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