Lobster Rolls from Bite into Maine Food Truck

Food Trucks have been on the rise in recent years and that’s a great thing for food lovers. There are so many creative, unique ones in the greater Portland area and we’re looking forward checking some of them out this summer. With that goal in mind, we headed out to Bite Into Maine this past Saturday. I had been hearing a lot about this food truck in recent months and was craving a lobster roll. Not really surprising. I’m always  craving a lobster roll.

Food trucks come in a lot of varieties. They can be truly mobile and head to different locations from day-to-day adding a sense of adventure to getting your meal. Other food trucks might specialize in attending festivals, or other gatherings, and be more of an event type truck. Still others are located in the same place and, while technically mobile, can always be found in one spot.

Bite into Maine falls into this later category. They are located at Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth. They also have a second truck for catering and events, but their original and still incredibly popular location is at Fort Williams Park. We had never been to either this food truck destination or the park so we were excited to check them both out.

Bite into Maine has received some great press including landing at spot number four on USA Today’s 10 Best Reader’s Choice Battle of the Lobster Rolls for 2016 so we had high expectations and were not disappointed.

While the lobster rolls were delicious, be ready to wait as it’s a busy spot. They were super efficient and moved things along quickly, but there was a steady line the whole time we were there.

There are a few picnic tables located by the food truck, but we opted to take our lobster rolls to another spot closer to the ocean. There are additional picnic areas and benches throughout the park which provides a lot of dining options all with amazing views of the ocean.

One of the things that I especially enjoyed about this lunch spot was that you could get your lobster roll fixed in a variety of ways including –

  • Maine style with light mayonnaise & fresh chives;
  • Connecticut style with hot butter;
  • Picnic style with a layer of coleslaw, hot butter, and dash of celery salt.

They also offered three options when it came to the mayonnaise selection including Wasabi, Curry, or Chipotle. People often have differing opinions on what makes a great lobster roll, so how wonderful that you have choices when it comes to ordering one at Bite into Maine.

I’m a fan of the classics so ordered the Connecticut style with just lobster meat and melted butter on a toasted bun. My husband and daughter tried out the Picnic style. Everyone was in unanimous agreement that the lobster rolls were delicious.

While shocking to admit, not everyone in my family likes lobster. Fortunately for my non-lobster loving child, they also offered a “wicked simple grilled cheese” on the menu. She was pretty happy with her choice and gave a thumbs up to the grilled cheese sandwich. I think it would have tasted even better with lobster meat, but I’m glad she found something on the menu that she liked.

Bite into Maine had a fun beverage menu too including a selection of Maine Root Co Natural Sodas, Moxie, and Poland Spring water. Our drink order was split with a couple of blueberry sodas, a moxie and a Poland springs. Spreading out that Maine (and Austin) soda love.

If you decide to visit, head there early. Sometimes they sell out. You can either call, or follow them on twitter @BiteIntoMaine where they’ll tweet when they’ve run out of lobster meat for the day. The day we went, they sold out by about 2:20 pm according to twitter.

They’ve been open on weekends since May 7th, but will be opening weekdays as well after memorial day so you’ll have even more great opportunities to enjoy a traditional or more exotic, depending on your preference, lobster roll. Our first food truck stop of the season was a complete success. Can’t wait to try our next one.

Bite into Maine

Bite into Maine

things to know
Food Truck Bite into Maine
Location 1000 Shore Rd, Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107
Phone (207) 799-9574
Website Bite into Maine
Favorite ♥ Connecticut Style

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10 thoughts on “Lobster Rolls from Bite into Maine Food Truck

  1. findingnyc says:

    Yum! I absolutely love lobster rolls, and like you I prefer the Connecticut style. Nothing better than lobster and butter, especially if they lightly toast the bun as well. This sounds delicious!


  2. evelyneholingue says:

    I’ve seen food trucks in Brunswick as well. Coming from California where food trucks are a commun sight I was initially surprised. But it seems to work! And those lobster rolls make my mouth water.


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