A Hot Night at the Portland Lobster Company

There are about three nights during the summer that are stifling hot. I don’t have air conditioning at my house which is by choice. While there are many warm summer days, I have an abundance of windows which usually provide a nice breeze and, along with a few fans, is enough to keep me relatively cool and happy. But, there are those few random days each summer when I feel like I’m going to melt. On a recent Friday, when after doing something as simple as washing the dishes I was sweating as if I had dug a six foot trench, I knew we’d hit one of those days. I was drenched and desperately looking for a way to cool off.

What to do on such a hot day? Head into Portland and grab dinner at one of their many outside venues, and hope for an encounter with a lovely ocean side breeze. We hadn’t been to the Portland Lobster Company yet this season, and a hot night seemed like the perfect time to enjoy this fun summer outside destination. It’s one of my favorites, but things have been hectic and the timing hadn’t worked before now.

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Maine Hikes | Fort Williams Park, Cape Elizabeth

For this hike, we went a little urban, and full on traditional Maine. Since we had the girls with us, we were looking for a more casual, leisurely pace. We ended up heading to Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth to check out the Bite into Maine Food Truck and discovered that it was also a perfect spot for our hike.

I had only been to this park one other time as a chaperone for a long ago school field trip. I only vaguely remembered the park, which is more a statement on my memory than on the beauty of the location. But, like so many other people, I have seen the iconic pictures of Portland Head Light which so perfectly advertises the look and feel of Maine.

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Lobster Rolls from Bite into Maine Food Truck

Food Trucks have been on the rise in recent years and that’s a great thing for food lovers. There are so many creative, unique ones in the greater Portland area and we’re looking forward checking some of them out this summer. With that goal in mind, we headed out to Bite Into Maine this past Saturday. I had been hearing a lot about this food truck in recent months and was craving a lobster roll. Not really surprising. I’m always  craving a lobster roll.

Food trucks come in a lot of varieties. They can be truly mobile and head to different locations from day-to-day adding a sense of adventure to getting your meal. Other food trucks might specialize in attending festivals, or other gatherings, and be more of an event type truck. Still others are located in the same place and, while technically mobile, can always be found in one spot.

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Eventide Oyster Co. Bar

Enjoying a Lazy Saturday in Portland, Maine

It doesn’t happen often, or at least not as often as I would like, but we found ourselves with no plans this past Saturday. Knowing that we would be house bound with some projects on Sunday, we wanted to get out of the house for a bit. While I like to hunker down, I’m not a true homebody. I get antsy quickly if I stay in too many days in a row. Fortunately, my husband shares my love of going out, although he can also successfully hunker for days on end. He’s multifaceted.

Enjoying the early spring weather that we’ve been experiencing in Maine this year, we headed into Portland for the afternoon. Temperatures were hovering just below 50 degrees so it was perfect weather to wander, and I was craving a lobster roll. For me, lobster rolls are best enjoyed sitting at a picnic table overlooking the ocean, but even with the unseasonably warm weather, outside seating was still not an option so instead we headed to Eventide Oyster Co. for their amazing Brown Butter Lobster Roll. While normally I’m a purist when it comes to my lobster rolls – hot dog bun, lobster meat, and plain drawn butter – Eventide has created something truly wonderful. The brown butter adds just the right touch and elevates the lobster roll to another level. I had only had it once before, at the Allagash Street Fair last summer, and I was looking forward to another taste.

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