#AtoZChallenge | The Great And Powerful Theme Reveal… Made in Maine

I recently hit some milestones with my blog including passing the one year mark, and reaching my hundredth post.  While those were exciting moments for me, I want to continue to challenge myself and to grow my site while developing content that will connect with my readers.

Last year I participated in the A to Z Challenge for the first time and I am looking forward to taking part again this year. I love the creativity that comes from working with constraints such as those provided by the A-Z challenge.

Weekends in Maine is about optimizing life in Maine. Last year, my posts were all related to Maine but since my entire blog has that focus it seemed a bit like cheating when deciding on a theme again for this year. It didn’t really feel specific enough. So instead, I’m going to drill down and focus on one particular area of Maine.

My A to Z challenge posts will highlight things that are “made in Maine”. I will be featuring local artisans and creative businesses throughout the state that caught my eye. It’s been fun to research and learn more about all the great things that are made right here in Maine. I’m a huge fan of the buy local movement and think it’s exciting to discover something made locally. It’s probably why I’m a craft fair junkie.

I’m also an even bigger fan of treading lightly on the planet so wherever possible I have highlighted companies that have a focus on sustainability and environmentally responsible products and practices. This won’t come into play for every post, but on those letters where I had a choice between multiple companies, I usually leaned green. It’s a bit of a sub-theme.

Once you start looking deeper, It’s amazing what you learn that you had no idea existed in the world. I had an abundance of choices for each letter, other than “X”, but I’m sure I’ll figure that one out too even if I have to get “creative”. Because isn’t creativity what it’s all about?

Please visit my blog again in April to see all my official A to Z challenge posts. I’m looking forward to seeing what other people are going to do with their A-Z challenge too. One of the best parts of the challenge last year was virtually meeting other bloggers.

What is your theme? Have you seen any other themes posted this year that you’re especially excited to visit during the a to z challenge?

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60 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge | The Great And Powerful Theme Reveal… Made in Maine

  1. lindamaycurry says:

    We also only got to see Bar Harbour for a few hours on our cruise but like you I’m gearing up for A to Z on family stories. I won’t have solved all the mysteries by then but I do have a post planned for X!
    Look forward to reading your posts.

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  2. Pamela says:

    This sounds fabulous – love travel, craft, and sustainability, so you’ve hooked me straight away. Really looking forward to seeing what you come up with for each letter. Enjoy your second year.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. jhwinterauthor says:

    I sadly won’t be able to partake this year since I just had a baby girl a little over a week ago and my hands are full at the moment, but I’m glad to hear you are! Looking forward to hearing more about my mom’s birthplace through your posts!

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  4. A J says:

    I dropped by your blog during last year’s challenge and found your posts interesting! Glad to see you’re continuing the Maine theme this year and focusing on local artisans 🙂

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  5. Sarah Ferguson and Choppy says:

    Oh, I’m looking forward to this one, if only because I’ve already enjoyed seeing some things that would fit the them on your blog already!

    I’m passing on A to Z this year – I already post every day, and I couldn’t think of something additional that would really add a lot to the blog. On the plus side, perhaps going to visit other blogs will inspire a topic for next year!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Heather C Wright says:

    This sounds so fun. I look forward to seeing all the neat things made in Maine next month. You’re doing research for you A to Z, which makes me feel a little like I’m cheating since I’m writing fiction this year.
    Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

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