#AtoZChallenge | Cleaning kits with a little extra heart

At the start of the year, I put together my goals around supporting local which is a cause close to my heart and has taken on even more importance due to the immense impact COVID-19 has had on our communities. One of my goals was to make kits for Maine Needs a local non-profit that launched amidst the pandemic. They are focused on helping Mainers meet basic needs.

Among the many ways you can donate, their Maine needs kits are an option that align well with both my need to help my fellow Mainers and my love of finding the perfect gift. While originally I planned to start with their “Minute for Mom Kits”, after reading a post on their Instagram feed I saw that they were running short on the “Cleaning & Toiletry Kits” so I opted to make some of the Cleaning kits first. Continue reading

Finding the zen and a splash of green in our spring projects.

Spring in Maine is glorious. The warmer days  and everything coming to life after what is almost always a long, cold winter. It motivates us to get out and do things and while I’d like for all those things to be fun, social outings, in reality spring in Maine is always a working season. I suppose they all have their moments, but getting ready for summer fun doesn’t just happen. It requires lots of diligence and prep.

Winter takes a toll, and spring is the time to take stock and put your to-do list in order. I’m always looking for safe, environmentally friendly ways to do my spring projects and thought I’d share what has worked for me so far and in what areas I’m still looking to do better.

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#AtoZChallenge | The Great And Powerful Theme Reveal… Made in Maine

I recently hit some milestones with my blog including passing the one year mark, and reaching my hundredth post.  While those were exciting moments for me, I want to continue to challenge myself and to grow my site while developing content that will connect with my readers.

Last year I participated in the A to Z Challenge for the first time and I am looking forward to taking part again this year. I love the creativity that comes from working with constraints such as those provided by the A-Z challenge.

Weekends in Maine is about optimizing life in Maine. Last year, my posts were all related to Maine but since my entire blog has that focus it seemed a bit like cheating when deciding on a theme again for this year. It didn’t really feel specific enough. So instead, I’m going to drill down and focus on one particular area of Maine.

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