D is for Dr. Dandelion | Will this gardener’s scrub turn my thumb green?

Do I get bonus points on the A to Z Challenge for a double-D?

While I have limited gardening skills, I am excited to be using Dr. Dandelion’s Gardener’s Scrub. Even without a green thumb there are many spring projects that leave my hands in rough shape. I think the gardener’s scrub is the perfect solution. The ground is still frozen here in Maine as I write this post, and there is little gardening to be done, but I couldn’t wait so have been using my gardener’s scrub each morning. Shh, don’t tell!

The tag line from the Dr. Dandelion website reads,

“We make simple, beautiful & organic body care products that are gentle & good for you. At Dr. Dandelion, you will always find a short list of ingredients because we believe less is better.”

The Gardener’s Scrub ingredient list is short, “soap, raw sugar, honey, organic olive oil, calendula, lavender buds, and essential oil.” I’d say this can be accurately classified as a short list of ingredients. Bonus, it’s made up of words that I can actually pronounce. I only need to use a little of the scrub to lather my hands. I love the way it smells, and how soft my hands feel.

On their website, Dr. Dandelion outlines three core commitments to body, heart and soul:

  1. Create natural, organic body care products that are simple and good for you.
  2. Support non-profit projects that they care about.
  3. Write a soulful blog. You can visit their blog here: Soul Reason.

These are three core values that I am happy to support. In addition to the scrub, they make a variety of soaps including scented and unscented bars and loofah soap, bath oil, bath salts, hand balm, and lip balm.

While I am glad to have finally tried their products, I actually wish I had bought the Gardener’s Scrub earlier. It would have been helpful during the holidays.

There are two types of Christmas tree decorators: those who leave it up to nature and those that obsessively prune to get the elusive perfect Christmas tree shape. I am the latter and as a result of days spent pruning, shaping, and decorating, my hands tend to be layered in sap. I’ve had success getting it off with peanut butter, but I suspect the olive oil in this scrub would do the trick as well and be a much more pleasant experience. I’ll be giving it a try next December.

I picked up the scrub at Bow Street Market in Freeport which is one of my favorite grocery stores. They have a huge selection of local products. I even blogged about one of their wine tastings during last year’s challenge, with my post #AtoZChallenge | F is for Flavors of Freeport. Look at that, another double letter score.

One Tip: Scrubs can be messy, so you’ll end up with some of the ingredients at the bottom of your sink so be prepared. I minimize the fallout by taking only a small amount at a time which is more than enough to clean my hands.

Do you have a favorite hand scrub that you use? Does it make your hands feel soft?

things to know
Company Name Dr. Dandelion
Location Portland, Maine
Phone (207) 776-9890
Website Dr. Dandelion
Favorite ♥ Soft Hands

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38 thoughts on “D is for Dr. Dandelion | Will this gardener’s scrub turn my thumb green?

  1. Sarah Ferguson and Choppy says:

    Oh, sounds great! They have a salt scrub in the Keys that I always try while there. It smells nice, but I think it is one of those things I would buy as an impulse purchase, thinking I would use itall year long and then have it sit on the shelf until I finally throw it out years later.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Louise says:

    Yes you get bonus points for double letters! I’ve been tracking that in my posts for fun too 🙂

    The scrub sounds lovely. I gardened for a couple years pre-kids and keep meaning to get back to it. Maybe this is the year….

    Liked by 1 person

      • Louise says:

        I did just fine when I did it – I just haven’t been able to commit to the time required to do it in the past, well, eight years… I’ve never tried herbs from seeds either. But they grew just fine from starter plants for us so glad you have a good “source” nearby.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Maggie C says:

    I’ve been planning on checking to see if Bert’s Bees made something like this. I’ve been working on making my own concrete counter tops, and my hands are about as rough as the concrete. This scrub sounds wonderful. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m really glad I popped over to learn about this.

    Maggie C.

    Liked by 1 person

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