E is for Eagre Games | Get ready to experience the dreamworld of ZED.

Shortly after pong was released by Atari in the 70s, my cousins received the game as a Christmas present. In those years, we would video tape portions of our holiday celebrations to send my grandparents who were down in Florida. The recorder was accidentally left on that year and we ended up with 7 hours of video taped carpet with the soundtrack of pong playing nonstop in the background. My brother and cousins had stayed up all night playing the game.

While I never developed the video game bug the way that they did, my daughter, who is in art school studying communication design, has a strong passion for it. Her dream is to get into video game design and world building. Why not? It’s an explosive industry with so much creative opportunity, but she will most likely need to work away from Maine to make this dream a reality. There aren’t a lot of video game designers in Maine. But, I did find one!

Eagre Games is located in Orono, Maine. Their mission statement reads…

“Devoted to developing non-violent, beautifully immersive, story-driven games.”

Eagre Games is currently developing ZED a KickStarter funded adventure game. Updates on the development progress are posted on their KickStarter page with a recent update posted last month. They are in final stages of development and should be releasing the game soon. I haven’t been this excited with a KickStarter campaign since Veronica Mars.

Here is the official trailer for the game from the Eagre Games YouTube Channel. It’s from May 2016, so I’m sure a lot may change before the final release but it gives an idea of the beautiful visuals and dreamlike quality of the world.

Eagre games was founded by Chuck Carter who has worked on many other video games including Myst and the Command and Conquer series. I listened to a great podcast interview with Chuck Carter on The Maine Show | Episode 042. The podcast goes through Chuck’s background and path to opening a video game design company in Maine with both joys and the challenges, as well as insight into the industry.

I love the fact that there is someone in Maine carving out a niche in an industry not generally associated with our state.

Do you like to play video games? Do you have a favorite?

things to know
Company Name Eagre Games
Location 20 Godfrey Dr, Ste 212
Orono, Maine
phone (207) 907-0800
Website Eagre Games
Favorite ♥ Dreamlike Quality

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13 thoughts on “E is for Eagre Games | Get ready to experience the dreamworld of ZED.

  1. Sarah Ferguson and Choppy says:

    I used to play a lot of video games, back when I was much younger! I recently read a book on the era of games I was part of, Masters of Doom. I think it would probably appeal to someone who didn’t play games, but I really don’t know – there is a lot of talk of the games I played growing up.

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  2. Vidya Sury says:

    I have never been fascinated with video games, but my nieces and nephews are devoted to them. I wish your daughter all the best, I am sure she will succeed! It IS a fabulously lucrative industry. Thank you for coming by my blog, Karen! To me, Maine always spells Stephen King!

    Vidya Sury

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  3. leannelc says:

    I really like the ethos behind these games – so nice for it to not be about shooting people or running them over in speeding cars! It’s great that someone can create something peaceful and beautiful and still be successful. It’s a long way from Pong though!
    Leanne | cresting the hill

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