W is for WaldoStone Farm | Elevating brunch with a Bloody Lobster Cocktail.

I am more of a Mimosa kind of gal when it comes to alcoholic breakfast beverages, but my husband leans towards the heartier Bloody Mary option. Bloody Marys seem to have taken on a life of their own these days with more elaborate and inventive garnishes turning them into full course meals. Trust me. Just do a quick Instagram search for #BloodyMary. I’m amazed some of the glasses don’t tip over.

If you’re looking for a place to head in Maine to get a fun Bloody Mary, check out Where to get the Best, Funky and Fun Bloody Mary in Maine from 103.7 The Peak. The Silly’s With a Twist build your own Bloody Mary opens up some really great possibilities. But, what if you’re not up for heading out for brunch? I find it shocking that anyone would not be up for brunch, but if you do opt to stay in you can still enjoy a signature morning drink.

WaldoStone Farm offers some inventive, made from scratch Bloody Cocktail mixers to make that perfect brunch beverage. They make their mixers using their own freshly squeezed vegetables and without high fructose corn syrup, caramel coloring or MSG. Some of their flavors include:

  • Retro Bloody Cocktail
  • Bloody Veggie Cocktail
  • Bloody Lobster Cocktail
  • Bloody Oyster Cocktail

We did a test run of WaldoStone Farm’s Bloody Lobster Cocktail over a brunch on a recent Saturday morning. As described on the WaldoStone Farms website…

“Our Bloody Lobster Cocktail is a bar mixer or an elixir. Each handcrafted batch contains over a dozen fresh vegetable and citrus juices combined with our house-made Maine lobster broth and fresh artisan-made horseradish. While not overly salty, our cocktail is rich in vitamins and minerals. It’s thick and spicy and holds up to vodka and ice, or served solo for a bracing morning beverage.”

It had been awhile since we made brunch at the house and it was fun to try some new menu options. Since we were doing the Bloody Lobster cocktails, we decided to add a little lobster to our meal too and made eggs “oscar” with lobster, asparagus and tarragon rounds. The recipe is from one of our older breakfast cookbooks, Morning Glories by Donna Leahy. We’ve always had good luck with the cookbook.

We made some bacon on the side, because can you really have brunch without bacon? We also (shockingly) had a non-lobster lover in our midst so we made some regular eggs and toasted up some cranberry English muffin bread from Big Sky Bread Company an amazing Maine based bread company.

It was a fun brunch. My husband tried the Bloody Lobster with tequila and then with vodka. The tequila overwhelmed the mixer a bit, but the more traditional vodka option worked well.  I stuck with straight orange juice after verifying that I still haven’t developed an appreciate for Bloody Marys even when the mixer is lobster based.

We bought our WaldoStone Farm mix at the Portland Food Co-Op and they can be found at a variety of markets and specialty food stores throughout the state. You can also order direct from their website. Their mixers are used in many restaurants throughout New England, so you might be lucky enough to enjoy a Bloody Mary made from their cocktail mixers even if you do decide to head out for brunch.

Do you like Bloody Marys? Do you have a favorite recipe?

things to know
Waldo Stone Farm WaldoStone Farm, LLC
Location 591 North Ridge Road
Montville, Maine 04941
Phone (877) 351-5121
Website Waldo Stone Farm
Favorite ♥ Lobster

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8 thoughts on “W is for WaldoStone Farm | Elevating brunch with a Bloody Lobster Cocktail.

  1. Virginia Allain says:

    This is very adventurous. I really should try it sometimes when we have guests at our NH cottage. They can’t seem to get enough seafood in their short time in New England.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Louise says:

    Here’s my (I think) Canadian question for you: Are you familiar with Ceasars? That’s much more popular here than Bloody Mary’s and my husband swears by them. We went to the Poconos on holiday and he tried to order them and waiter looked as confused as any American DJ asked to play the Tragically Hip. It uses Clamato (basically Tomato juice with clam broth) instead of Tomato juice. So it sounds very similar to some that you are describing. Given that, I think my husband would adore the lobster one. I shall mention this to him!

    Liked by 1 person

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