V is for Vintage Maine Kitchen | Creatively flavored, all-natural potato chips.

One of the first snacks I ever made for my Dad was a french fry sandwich which was exactly what you think it would be: french fries slathered in ketchup served between bread. This was not because I was young and creating whimsical food combinations. My Dad had requested it. He liked french fry sandwiches. It may have been an unusual way to eat french fries, but it’s not surprising that potatoes would be on the menu.

One thing Maine has is potatoes. We usually show up somewhere in the top ten for states that grow the most potatoes. We’re never at number one, but are always well represented. It’s something in enough abundance that I can almost always buy local ones during my food shopping excursions and I was happy to discover a local company making something especially delicious out of Maine potatoes. Now I have another fun way to support Maine potato growers.

Vintage Maine Kitchen makes small batches of artisan potato chips uses locally sourced ingredients with no preservatives or artificial ingredients.  They have some wonderful creative flavors in addition to the traditional salted or unsalted options.

Here is a description of their current flavors from their website:

Maine Maple Chips: “Our Maine Maple chips are tossed with a blend of real Maine maple sugar and fine ground Maine Sea Salt™ to create a subtle but spectacular salty, sweet and crunchy snack.”

Ordinary Chips: “These chips are called Ordinary because they are the simplest chip that we make, but our customers rave that they are extraordinary! Fresh Maine potatoes, sliced thin and immediately fried golden in a premium high-oleic sunflower oil, then dusted with just the right amount of solar-evaporated, hand-harvested Maine Natural Sea Salt.”

Thankful: “Thankful is a New England Thanksgiving inspired chip. They’re generously dusted with Maine Sea Salt and a spice blend that’s reminiscent of Mom’s stuffing to deliver a unique but familiar flavor.”

Cookout: “New Englanders know that all you need for a great Cookout is a good fire and a little salt and pepper. These chips are dusted with Maine Sea Salt that’s been smoked over Maine sourced apple wood and a little cracked black pepper.”

Plain Maine: “Plain Maine is our simplest chip available. These chips deliver great Maine potato flavor with no added salt.”

We tried the Thankful and Maine Maple Chips. If there were a battle between my snack vices – sweet and salty – there would be one clear winner. While I might want to sneak a sweet treat on occasion, if there’s a salty snack lying around that option will win every time.  And, if I can find something that is both sweet and salty, all the better so I enjoyed the sweet and salty combination of the Maine Maple Chips. These chips are made with Maine Maple sugar and Maine Sea Salt. They were excellent.

The Thankful was really flavorful and unique. Both my husband and I rated this as our favorite. These chips are made with a spice blend from Gryffon Ridge Spice Merchants, another Maine based company. The organic spice blend includes rosemary, oregano, sage, ginger, marjoram, thyme and black pepper. The flavors were amazing and really gave the chips a unique deliciousness.

In addition to the amazing flavors, it’s nice to know you’re getting a better, healthier potato chip made in small batches with all natural, local ingredients and no GMOs. Not only does my purchase support their small business, but it also supports the local farmers that make up their supply chain. Vintage Maine Kitchen is also eco-conscious. While they are already reducing their carbon footprint by buying locally sourced ingredients, according to their website their used sunflower oil is also being processed into bio diesel. It’s a double win for the environment!

Do you have a favorite chip flavor? Have you ever made home-made chips?

things to know
Company Name Vintage Maine Kitchen
Location 491 US Route 1, Suite 10
Freeport, ME 04032
Phone 207-317-2536
Website Vintage Maine Kitchen
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23 thoughts on “V is for Vintage Maine Kitchen | Creatively flavored, all-natural potato chips.

  1. Denise says:

    I am not a chip eater. I think it has something to do with the odor emanating from the Better-Made potato chip factory in Detroit. The only time I have ever craved salty foods was when I was pregnant. Then again, I craved just about anything…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. sharonecathcart says:

    I would try both of those flavors, absolutely. They sound great.

    My favorite chips are Zapp’s Voodoo flavor; it’s almost impossible to explain. They were created by accident when an employee dropped a batch of fresh-fried chips into the overflow box for the day, which had some of every flavor they’d made. To me, they taste like a slightly tart barbecue chip. Salty snacks are my downfall.

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  3. Wilfred Trottier says:

    I don’t recall signing a “release” form to use me in your blog, do I get payments every time someone reads this blog? should I open an account for you to transfer payments into? you will probably send me a 1099 to make sure I pay the taxes,

    On Wed, Apr 26, 2017 at 8:24 AM, Weekends in Maine wrote:

    > Weekends in Maine posted: “One of the first snacks I ever made for my Dad > was a french fry sandwich which was exactly what you think it would > be: french fries slathered in ketchup served between bread. This was not > because I was young and creating whimsical food combinations. My Da” >

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    • Weekends in Maine says:

      I’ll send that along with all the payments I owe you for the years of “free” home repair you’ve provided too. Or, are you concerned because you were trying to keep your love of french fry sandwiches a secret? It is a tasty treat. Love You Dad!

      PS – Nice to know you’re reading my blog 🙂


  4. Deborah Weber says:

    Although I lean towards sweet snacks, when I want something salty potato chips are my go to choice. Sounds like some good Vintage Maine Kitchen choices. I never would have guessed Maine was a potato growing state.

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  5. Louise says:

    Plain and Ordinary appear to be in a battle for the same claim 🙂 The maple ones do sound good – I love when I find things that mix sweet and salty. As for Thankful – what an interesting flavour idea. I think I’d like that too.

    We’ve never tried making chips at home – unless you count Kale chips – and we only made those a very times as they weren’t really a big hit 😦

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