Holy Donut

#atozchallenge | D is for Maine Potato Donuts from The Holy Donut

You would never know by the number of times I go through the Dunkin Donuts drive through in a week, but my love affair with donuts ended a while ago. It was no ones fault. We just grew apart. People, and taste buds, can change.

Being from Maine, I still feel obligated to support Dunkin Donuts, so even though I have no interest in donuts anymore, I go there regularly. They have other menu options. They’ve also won my loyalty because they will actually give me an extra-large cup of ice water when I ask for it. I think I pay for the cup, but I’m good with that arrangement especially since I’m relegated to small, sometimes kid sized, cups at most other chains. Having given up soda a few years ago, I need my water to be extra-large.

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