#atozchallenge | Y is for Yelp and Best Happy Hour Destinations in Portland, Maine

On a recent outing into Portland, and in an attempt to finish prepping my a-z blog challenge posts, we let Yelp be out guide for the night. It’s important to point out a few things before diving into this post:

  • You can get extremely different Yelp results just by making slight modifications to your search criteria. “Happy Hour Cheap” and “Happy Hour Fun”, not surprisingly, don’t give you the same results. This was helpful to us, as we could manipulate our searches to make sure we liked the results we were seeing. We had to maintain some control over the night.

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Bull Feeney's

St. Patrick’s Day Fun in Portland, Maine

While we have always celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, it has been a long time since we celebrated with a night on the town. Our more recent St. Patrick’s Day celebrations have been focused more on a semi-traditional home cooked meal of corned beef and green mashed potatoes. (We don’t do cabbage in our house.) But, this year, we decided the time was right to head into Portland so that my husband could listen to Irish music and drink Guinness in the company of other happy St. Patrick’s Day participants.

My husband is only half-Irish, but he leans towards those genetics and absolutely loves Irish music. The St. Patrick’s Day activities offered so many great opportunities to catch live Irish music which was our deciding factor in heading out for the night.

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7 Differences between Austin, Texas and Portland, Maine

I spent this past week down in Austin, Texas for a work conference. It was my first visit to the area and while the majority of my time was spent inside a hotel attending conference related events, there were a few things that I was able to enjoy in Austin, that would not have been possible if I had been back home in Maine.

Seven things I would not have been able to do in Maine:

1) Eat Outside. I enjoyed an al fresco lunch soaking in the sunshine. I was in Austin in early March, when things are still relatively chilly in Maine.While eating outside is something that I love to do during the summers in Maine, even with the unseasonably warm winter we’ve had this year, dining outside is not really an option in March. But, it did get me excited for the warmer weather heading our way.

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Rhum Bar

Rhum Tiki Bar in Portland Maine

Rhum opened recently, and given the festive Tiki Bar theme, a bitter cold weekend in Maine seemed like the perfect time to head out for some umbrella drinks. The atmosphere is upbeat, and the Tiki theme is carried throughout with multiple touches including a thatched roof edge around the bar, colorful lights, and other fun Polynesian accents.

We stopped by Rhum on Valentine’s Day for a quick drink and appetizer before heading to a show at Port City Music Hall. We didn’t realize it when making our plans, but the two destinations are located close to one another which made for an extremely convenient night out. We almost missed the entrance to Rhum. It’s actually behind the building by the back parking lot.

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Zombie Golf Costumes

Portland Beer Week Scavenger Hunt

Truth be told, I’m not a big fan of beer. I’m more of a wine girl myself, but my husband absolutely loves craft beer and is pretty excited about all the options available in Portland. There is no better time for beer lovers than during the annual Portland Beer Week festivities held in Portland, Maine every fall.

We’ve put a team together, for the last three years, to compete in the Port City Running Tours (PCRT) Beer Week Scavenger Hunt which is one of the Portland Beer Week events. My husband loves beer, I love scavenger hunts, and we both love Portland, so it’s the perfect activity for us. Each year, PCRT has done a great job with mixing things up, and making it slightly different than the year before, but the basic format is:

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