Wings Closeup

#atozchallenge | W is for Wings Made with Deer Camp Black Bear Chipotle BBQ Sauce

Finding ourselves in Portland one late afternoon with a few hours to spare, my daughter and I decided to pick up a few groceries at Trader Joe’s. Since the trip was unplanned, we didn’t have a shopping list so instead spent time wandering the aisles. Shopping without a list can be a dangerous activity. You never know what you’ll bring home. On a whim, I grabbed a two-pound bag of frozen organic chicken wings. I love wings, but surprisingly have never actually made them at home. This seemed like a reasonable splurge.

During checkout, the cashier commented that he’d heard great things about the wings saying “You wouldn’t think wings would be anything special, but they’re supposed to be delicious”. Interesting observation. I was feeling pretty pleased with my purchase. Continue reading

Alien Autopsy Cake Full

Alien Autopsy Cake to Celebrate the X-Files

The X-Files was probably one of the first cult shows that I was obsessed with, and it launched a lifelong attachment to cult shows. It was unique, quirky, fun and had two extremely likable leads. While I admit, my attention did wane towards the end of the original series as I never quite got over Mulder leaving; it still holds extremely fond memories.

When I heard they were going to re-boot the show, I was so excited! My youngest even binge watched the entire series (thank you Netflix) so that she would be able to watch the revival and understand the history. She loved it so much she named her biology book Mulder. It was a proud Mom moment. Continue reading