Making a Fancy Trash Can from a Holiday Popcorn Tin

The popcorn never tastes fresh and the flavors are questionable at best but somehow I’m still suckered into buying one of those holiday popcorn tins every year. At least I’ve learned to buy them after the holidays are done and the price drops by 50%. It still means I’m paying more than it’s worth but at least I feel like I’m getting a bargain.

The flimsy cardboard divider loosely separates the popcorn into three designated flavor sections: butter, cheese, and caramel. The cardboard never really keeps the actual popcorn flavors fully separated so in the end you get a generic blend of semi-identifiable flavors with each stale bite. Yet still, I can somehow get through the caramel section in its entirety in one sitting. Maybe it’s nostalgia. Maybe I’m just too attached to junk food.

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Every glass planter needs a hot pink crocheted basket to keep it warm.

Crochet is having a moment. A recent Instagram search brought up almost 40 million posts with everything from crocheted bikinis to surprisingly varied plush turtles. The expansiveness of the crocheted projects I scrolled through in my feed is beyond anything I imagined although I shouldn’t be surprised. Creativity unleashed always leads to something amazing.

For National Handmade Day, I decided to dig out my crochet hook and try something new. While I love living in a DIY space, crocheting is not something I have done much of as an adult although I did have a prolific phase in my teen years. Between my obsession with rug hooking kits and attending one too many Artex paint parties with my grandmother, I did spend enough time with a crochet hook to make a decent granny square.  I was up for revisiting this timeless craft.

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