#AtoZChallenge | Yarn balls, or maybe yarn ovals, for a decorative accent

My fireplace mantel sat for many years empty or even worse with a few random mismatched pieces. I could never quite figure out what worked in the space. It was the albatross hanging over our living room. When we ramped up our COVID-19 project to do list, tackling the mantle was top of that list.

I found some great outdoor themed prints from The Landmark Project for the wall above the mantle and then started judiciously editing the pieces that I had on hand until I had a final display that I loved. But, as with all my projects, it still needed one more thing.

I had a glass vase that was the perfect shape and size as an accent piece for the mantel but it rarely had flowers in it so was a little plain. I added some gold tone twine balls that filled out the vase nicely. It made all the difference.

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#AtoZChallenge | Applique Pennants: Rah-Rah, Let’s go Maine!

There is something so fun and collegiate about a felt pennant displayed on your wall. The sense of connection, of belonging to something and showing you’re love for your tribe, is a powerful pull. Plus, pennants are a great decorating accent.

While I’ve never had the urge to display any from my actual alma maters, I came across one that aligned well with my love of all things Maine. I picked up this Maine themed pennant from one of my favorite local Portland shops Pinecone and Chickadee. They have a fun, eclectic mix of home goods and personal accessories. Continue reading