Maine Hikes | Saco Beach Loop Trail

I grew up in Saco and am extremely familiar with Ferry Beach, but I had never hiked any of the trails at Ferry Beach State Park. I guess that’s not really surprising given I’ve only started exploring local hikes recently, but still you think I might have stumbled into the area once or twice. But no! It was unexplored territory for me. So, this past April, my husband and I decided to give it a try, and headed to the Saco Beach Loop Trail.

The Loop is really three distinct sections of separate hikes, each with their own unique look and feel. If you’re easily bored, this trail offers variety. We printed out a map that loosely outlined the loop and headed to our hike. Continue reading

#atozchallenge | Q is for Clam Digging for Quahogs

Having recently finished a post on blueberry picking with my grandmother, it got me a bit nostalgic. It brought back memories of another food foraging experience from my youth. My dad’s side of the family spent many summer days along the Maine coast clam digging for quahogs or hen clams.

I was lucky growing up. My mother’s parents lived next to the ocean so I spent my summers at the beach. Their home became a meeting spot for family members some of whom came for sunbathing and for others who came for clam digging.

While I was mainly a spectator, I did try clam digging a little bit as I got older, but I didn’t have the same knack for it as my Grandmother, Dad and Uncle. They were talented and could harvest clams like crazy. I was lucky if I walked away with more than ten. I guess those clam digging genes skip a generation. Continue reading