#atozchallenge | G is for Gelato Fiasco

I was appalled to learn that Maine did not make it onto the list of top ten states for ice cream consumption according to the Huffington Post article “Ice Cream Cities: Which Ones Eat the Most”. It confuses me because in the Old Port alone, there are four ice cream stores and two Gelato stores. In roughly a six block radius, you have six places to get frozen treats. That’s one every block!

Maybe I’m taking it too personally, because certainly I feel that I do my part to move us up in the standings. I usually go for ice cream, but was intrigued by the amazing flavors of Gelato that are carried by Gelato Fiasco. I did a little internet research on them and loved that they had strong Maine roots. I was also impressed with the fact that they use locally sourced milk. We decided to head up to their flagship store in Brunswick to check out some Gelato.

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