Winter in Maine

Ten activities to get me out of the house this winter.

A few weekends ago we were surprised with unseasonably warm temperatures. We jumped on the opportunity to enjoy dinner alfresco with friends. It was beautiful and all the sweeter because we know those days are numbered.

Winter is coming and with the pandemic’s second wave in full force, it’s inevitable that there will be less opportunity to go out. The problem is that I live in Maine. When winter arrives it will bring snow, ice and incredibly cold temperatures.

Where does that leave us during a pandemic?

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Ice Bar

Chilling at the Portland Harbor Hotel Ice Bar 2016

I don’t like to be cold. I spend the winter months sitting on top of a space heater, or cuddled up by the propane fireplace, but last year I discovered something about myself. I actually love outside winter activities. It makes it all the more fun when I head back inside to warm up after some exhilarating time in the cold.

So, with that in mind, I took the plunge and bought tickets to last month’s Ice Bar at the Portland Harbor Hotel. I’ve been fascinated with ice bars for a while but had never actually gone to one. This was my year. We ended up getting tickets for Thursday night because Friday and Saturday night’s tickets were already sold out. Apparently, I’m not the only one who embraces winter in Maine. Continue reading