#AtoZChallenge | E is for Evening and the Creativity it Brings.

While I don’t have a favorite Mr. Darcy as no matter who plays the role, in the end, Jane Austen’s story will bring me around to the same conclusion as Elizabeth Bennet. I too love Mr. Darcy. I’ve watched every version or homage made, from Pride and Prejudice and Zombies to the classic BBC version with Colin Firth. The latter I watch at least a few times every year, but I’ve learned never to start watching it after 9 pm.

The mini-series is 327 minutes, or just over five and a half hours. And even though it may be my twentieth viewing, once I start watching I don’t stop until it’s done. While I’m sure the allure of Mr. Darcy has a great deal to do with it, in reality the reason I’ll stay up way too late is that I’m a night owl and when fully engaged, whether with a classic like Pride and Prejudice or more typically on a craft project, I just don’t want to stop. All of my senses come awake.

For my One Little Word® project, each month we’re given a prompt and activities around our word. They are usually a combination of writing prompts along with artistic, or creative components.

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Q is for (Mainely) Quilling | I am in awe of these amazing paper creations.

While my blog and digital photo books have taken over my hobby time recently, my heart is more in the realm of paper crafting even if it’s been almost a year since I tackled a project. The days are just too short to do everything I want to do, so sometimes things get put aside for a while. I know that eventually I will circle back to my paper crafts and put my obsessively over stocked craft room to good use again.

I have always been drawn to other crafters who excel in the field and have an entire bookcase dedicated to books written by fellow memory keepers sharing their tips and tricks. So, when I realized that there was a quilling artist located in Maine, I knew I had my letter Q locked up. I too have tried my hand at quilling, but on a much more simplistic and less successful level.

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Scrapbook Crop

Finally, a Local Scrapbook Crop

I have been amassing a large stash of scrapbooking supplies for many years now, but sadly my supplies have been sitting mostly unused for the last few years. I am still focused on creative pursuits, but other activities, including a move to more digital memory keeping, has taken me away from more traditional scrapbooking.

It’s not only other crafts vying for my time that has slowed my progress with scrapbooking, but also less opportunity. When I first started scrapbooking over a decade ago, there were many  chances to go to crops and larger scrapbooking events. Creative Memories, and other home party businesses, were in full force, so I had opportunities to go to a crop on a regular basis. But in recent years, there have been less events. Part of it is the cyclical nature of crafts. There is a natural ebb and flow of interest.

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Day in the Life™ Memory Keeping Project

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a scrapbook, or journal, from your grandmother that showed what her life was like for one typical, average day; maybe from when she was first married, after she just became a new mother, or some other snapshot from her past? There would be so many things, that at the time probably seemed insignificant or unimportant, that would be so fun to look back on now after the passage of time.

Another class that Ali Edwards offers on her site is a Day in the Life™ which encourages participants to document one day from the time they get up until they go to bed that night. Technically, it’s documenting the full 24 hours. You can learn more about Ali and her One Little Word® project that I do each year on my previous blog post One Little Word® Memory Keeping Project. She’s amazing, and I highly recommend following her blog.

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One Little Word Scrapbook

One Little Word® Memory Keeping Project

I started scrapbooking a short time after my girls were born, but in reality, I’ve always been a memory keeper. My college picture albums included captions, detailed notes on who was in each picture, and other memorabilia. I’ve always loved pulling the story together. It’s one of the reasons that I’m interested in blogging. It’s another way of tracking memories and telling stories.

As life has gotten busier, it has been harder to find time to do paper scrapbooking. In an effort to incorporate more creativity into my life, I started participating in the One Little Word® project by Ali Edwards one of my absolute favorite Memory Keepers. I have been following Ali since I started with scrapbooking, and her book was one of the first ones I bought on the topic, A Designer’s Eye for Scrapbooking. Her style is visually beautiful and has just the right balance of clean lines and artistic touches.

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