Maine Hikes | Douglas Mountain, Sebago

Now that we’ve been hiking a bit more regularly, we figured why not skip ahead to a more challenging destination. After a bit of research we decided to head to Douglas Mountain in Sebago. Why bother with all that pesky gradual increase in intensity from hike to hike. Let’s just jump right in. In fairness, it wasn’t that extreme a leap, it just felt like it on a few of the steeper inclines.

It was probably the first hike we have taken this spring that really did fall more into the hiking side of things rather than the walking one. There are a few trails that you can take to the summit but, not really knowing a lot about the options, we headed out on the first one we came to after parking in the lot, which was the Eagle Scout Trail.

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5 Things I Learned Snowshoeing at Sebago Lake State Park

This past weekend was the Great Maine Outdoor Weekend with many wonderful events scheduled throughout the state. The event encourages people to get out and participate in outdoor activities. Winter can sometimes be a more challenging time to get outside but there really are many great options available in Maine.

I knew that we wanted to participate in the Great Maine Outdoor Weekend this year, so I looked through all the events listed on their website to pick one that seemed like a good fit. There were a large variety of options from which to choose. We decided on a snowshoeing hike with the Maine Outdoor Adventure Club as it seemed like a nice activity for the uninitiated. They were heading to Sebago Lake State Park in Casco for a two hour snowshoeing trek. Continue reading