#AtoZChallenge | W is for Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Snow is prettiest right after it falls. Once it’s on the ground for a few days, it immediately starts getting dirtied up with life and loses that pristine whiteness. But, right after a storm? It is incredibly beautiful.

My favorite winter scene is once the storm has stopped leaving behind a snow covered landscape.  When every part of nature is draped in white it’s magical. I especially love seeing trees turned completely white by the clinging snow.

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#AtoZChallenge | U is for Unrelenting and Unending

Winter has some wonderful moments. There is deep beauty to the landscape during the colder snow-covered months. When it arrives covering everything in white, it makes me smile.

I love winter.

There are no mosquitoes or ticks to bother us during our hikes and the overall pace is slower and peaceful. You can snowshoe under the stars during a full moon hike or sit by the fireplace, sipping wine and binge watch the latest Netflix show while snuggled under a blanket. There is so much to enjoy about winter.

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#AtoZChallenge | H is for Hidden Under the Snow

As I was going through all of my winter pictures to decide what I wanted to including in my posts for this A to Z challenge, I started coming across a number of pictures of things partially hidden by mounds of snow and slowly a thought for H came into focus.

We try to bring things inside before the more intense winter weather hits but inevitably each year there are a few items that either by intention, or a lack of time, stay outside and have to brave the elements.  As winter progresses, they start to get more and more hidden by the snow.

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#AtoZChallenge | D is for a Determined Dog Chasing Snowballs

My dog was built for water. He’s a swimmer. During a few tentative minutes his first time in the lake where his head spent more time under water than above it,  I thought we may have gotten the only Labrador Retriever on the planet who was about to drown. Fortunately, he caught on and has never looked back.  He loves living on the lake and swims any chance he gets.

But, what does he do in the winter with the lake frozen over and temps hovering around zero? Fortunately, he’s also built for the cold so the temps don’t bother him but getting exercise in during the more limiting winter months can be more challenging.

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Six Family Friendly Winter Activities You Can’t Miss

I love all the seasons equally. I mean that sincerely. They all have something that makes them special but sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the challenges they can bring. Maybe it’s the mosquitoes in the spring, the humidity of summer, or the endless cold and snow of winter. The best approach is to embrace both the joys and challenges of each season fully.

Now that we’re in the midst of winter here in Maine, here are six can’t miss activities that will ensure you get the most from the season. There is much to embrace this time of year.

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