Cellardoor at the Point and Black Dinah Chocolates | Food and Wine Pairing

While my husband is the craft beer lover in our family, I lean more towards wine so I was extremely excited when I learned that Cellardoor Winery was opening a tasting room at Thompson’s Point (Cellardoor at the Point). I didn’t have much experience with their wine, other than a brief stop into their original Lincolnville location while visiting Belfast a few years back, but I was looking forward to learning more.

As they have settled into their Portland location, in addition to their tasting room, they’ve continued to add a variety of events to their schedule. One event that I especially enjoy is their complimentary food and wine pairings. It’s such a great opportunity to try interesting local foods along with a sampling of Cellardoor wines.

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Skating at Thompson's Point

Skating at The Rink at Thompson’s Point

You would think skating would be a pretty easy winter activity for us. We live on a lake. But, it’s complicated. Since we have neither the equipment nor the desire to shovel off a skating rink size area on the ice, which would allow us to actually skate, we have a wait and see approach. This means that usually once a year, we get enough rain, or the snow covering the ice melts, followed by a cold weather snap which freezes everything over and makes for a perfect day of skating.

We haven’t had those conditions yet, and our oldest had been asking, and asking, to skate so we finally decided it was time to venture out to an actual rink. But where should we go? Fortunately, a Facebook friend had posted a great sunset picture taken at The Rink at Thompson’s Point. It looked like a fun destination so we added it to our weekend activities list.

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