Standup Comedy with Chris Hardwick and his ID10T Tour at State Theatre

I am a proud geek. I love all things nerdy. My husband commented once to friends that I was easy to buy for on Valentine’s Day. He just had to shop like he was buying for a teenage boy. He’s not wrong. I love my minimates, Funko Pops and Doctor Who memorabilia.

And, when you’re a nerd there’s no one you love more than the voice of all things geek, Chris Hardwick. He has risen to the top of the nerd pyramid from his role as founder of the Nerdist to hosting the Talking Dead . He understands the world that he lives in and speaks to it well. He definitely speaks to me. I think my husband even gave me his book, “The Nerdist Way: How to Reach the Next Level (In Real Life)” for my birthday one year. Let’s just say, I’m a fan.

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An Afternoon at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay

I do not have a green thumb. It’s not even slightly tinged. It doesn’t stop me from trying to grow things. Every spring, I over commit to my garden and fill my stash of ceramic pots with whatever catches my eye at the garden store with little understanding of what I actually need to do to keep the various plants alive. Given this approach, it’s probably no surprise that my results are spotty.

I enjoy the chance to see truly well designed and maintained gardens even if I know I’ll never achieve that type of success with my own personal landscaping. When I read that the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens was hosting Maine Days over Memorial Day weekend, with free admission for Maine residents, I knew I wanted to head up and take a peak at what was growing. Admission is normally $16 for adults although free for members.

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Dinner & Drinks at LFK in Portland, Maine

I love a good deal and having scored a Localvore discount for LFK in Portland, we headed over on a recent Friday night for an early dinner.  We’d stopped in before during one of our Portland Beer Week Scavenger Hunts, but we’d never been there for food.

LFK is located on State Street by Longfellow Square. The restaurant is nice and bright with an eclectic style showcasing its literary theme. When we first arrived, we grabbed a small table by the side entrance, but after ordering some drinks we noticed that a few seats had opened up at the bar, so we migrated that way before ordering our meal. There’s just something more festive about sitting at the bar.

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Kite Festival at Bug Light Park, South Portland

We own a kite that sadly has gotten little use over the years. We purchased it when our girls were young because kite flying seemed to be just something you do with toddlers. We did attempt to fly it a few times but never to much success other than a few perfectly windy days at the beach, so eventually it went into storage in our garage. Somewhere along the line we picked up a friend for our little kite. I don’t remember where, but most likely it was from a yard sale find that was just too good to pass up. Even though the one kite we owned wasn’t getting much use, a second one somehow seemed like a good idea.

I never thought much more about it, until I found out that South Portland has a spring Kite Festival at Bug Light Park. It felt like the perfect time to pull our kites out of storage and let them fly free again. There was a reason we had kept them all these years.

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Artascope Studios | Saltwater Etching for Copper Class

My daughter will go to art school in the fall and I am both extremely proud and extremely jealous. She will be living her art dream, while I will remain a closet artist who refers to myself as a crafter and keeps my skills in the hobby realm.

I’m actually okay with it. I’m happy that she found her passion young, and I like to think my genetics helped even if only in a small way. Certainly having a craft room and access to endless craft supplies had to have fed her artistic talents at some point along the way.

My creative outlet may be different than her path, but my love of art classes is intense and if it’s a class on something I have never tried before I am even more intrigued. When I saw that Artascope Studios was offering a Saltwater Etching for Copper class as one of their Sunday One-Day Workshops, I couldn’t sign up fast enough. I mean that literally. I think I was the first person who registered for the class.

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