Hiking Maine | Amazing Ocean Views at East Point Sanctuary Trail in Biddeford Pool

It’s nice to reach the summit after an especially challenging hike. There is a sense of accomplishment. But, it can also be fun to stumble upon something spectacular without having to work too hard. The trail at East Point Sanctuary in Biddeford Pool is the later. It’s a casual stroll with stunning ocean views at every turn.

The simple metal gate at the trail entrance is not  a good preview of what lies beyond. The trail is far more beautiful than the gate implies. We even walked by the gate on our initial attempt to find the trail head.

As you begin up the path, you follow along the back edge of the Abenakee Club golf course before entering an area with tall growth on either side. From there you emerge onto an open field and the first of many beautiful ocean views. After crossing this open area, you can pick up the trail again on the left. The remainder of the path unfolds in sync with the rocky shoreline below.

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The hike is only about 1 1/2 miles in and then back again. There are entry points throughout the trail where you can wander down to the rocky shoreline below for more extensive exploration. As we got closer to the end of the path it was a bit more overgrown although we ever found it difficult to maneuver.

There were also a few well placed benches along the way for a more meditative viewing experience. To add even more Maine flavor to the views, you can see Wood Island Lighthouse in the distance. The day that we were there the bay was filled with sailboats circling back and forth in front of the light house.

My Uncle lived in Biddeford Pool for many years so I had explored the rocky beaches in the area but this was my first time on the East Point Sanctuary Trail.  It won’t be my last!

East Point Sanctuary Biddeford Pool


things to know
Trail East Point Sanctuary Trail
Address Lester B Orcutt Blvd, Biddeford Pool, Maine
Directions The trail is at the end of Lester B Orcutt Blvd before it turns right onto Ocean Avenue. There was limited parking on the side of the road.
Website Maine Audubon | East Point Sanctuary
Favorite ♥ Ocean Views

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