#AtoZChallenge | X is for Xerochilia and Six Ways to Fix It.

So, it’s at the point in this blogging challenge, where I really have to dig deep for something to use for the letter X. As always, I start randomly scrolling through X words and definitions in the hopes that something will click. In this case, it did click and, while this is more of a medical term, it does fit my theme.

Here is a definition of xerochilia from dictionary.com, “Dryness of the lips.” Guess what? There is no shortage of dry lips during the winter months.

How to deal with this perennial problem? Here are seven lip care products made by Maine based companies designed to help with dry lips:

Five Islands Body Co.  Brunswick, Maine. They make a full line of body care products including lip balms with interesting flavors including caffe latte, carrot cake, cinnamon-tangerine and rosemary-mint. You can buy them online, or at one of the local shops listed on their website. My recommendation would be to swing by the Brunswick Winter Farmer’s Market to grab one while also enjoying other great vendors showcasing local produce.

lulu’s garden.  Westport Island, Maine. This all-natural product line includes smudge pots and lulu tubes all in creative, fun packaging. The lip balms are made with aromatherapy. According to their Facebook page, they will be opening Lulu’s Garden in the barn next month that will not only have lulu’s garden products and manufacturing but a barn shop with coffee, baked goods, fresh flowers, vegetables, accents & final touches.

Mad Gabs. Yarmouth, Maine. Another Maine based lip balm manufacturer who has been around for over 25 years, they produce all natural and organic lip butters and smooches. They are environmentally focused and do a lot of community outreach.

Dulse & Rugosa. Rockland, Maine. How about something a little different? The mother daughter team behind Dulse & Rugosa creates lip scrubs that help exfoliate your lips and get rid of dry, dead skin cells. They sell 1 oz jars of chocolate or mint flavored scrubs.

Rooted Earth Farm. Casco, Maine.  This farm makes organic vegan and hemp lip balms that are  available through their Etsy store or at local craft festivals. They also offer monthly Community Supported Herbalism boxes filled with a mix of their organic skin care, teas, and herbal apothecary items.

Fresh Pickins. Windham, Maine. This farm has an organic body care collection broken out into four areas depending on ingredients: ocean, forest, farm and mountain.  I picked up their sweet basil lip balm from their farm collection. The product description from their website is “Our Sweet Basil lip balm has a righteously herbaceous scent that we can’t get enough of. Sweet basil essential oil has been used to help inflammation and has been effective at fighting bacteria and viruses. This is great news for your lips, especially during the winter months. We hope you enjoy this unique lip balm as much as we do!

October Fields. Albion, Maine. I’ve blogged about this company before in my a to z post last year O is for October Fields | Finding my Zen with Clean Burning Candles.  The highlight of that post was their soy candles but they come in handy for chapped lips too as they also make lip balms. I have their citrus rose one and it smells amazing.

These are just a few of the Maine based products available to combat the dreaded xerochilia that inevitably come with the cold winter temps.

Do you have a go-to solution for dry lips? Do you have a favorite flavor of lip balm?

I’m participating in a Blogging A-Z Challenge for April 2018. I will be posting new content every day this month except most Sundays. Each post is associated with a letter of the alphabet, starting with A and ending with Z. My theme for the challenge is Winters in Maine. To read more of my A to Z posts, click HERE.

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25 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge | X is for Xerochilia and Six Ways to Fix It.

  1. Stepheny Forgue Houghtlin says:

    Visiting your blog for the first time because you left a comment along the way that I followed up on. As usual, during the #Challenge, I learned something new, a new word and some interesting resources you included. If you have time or interest, I wrote about Bookstores in April, their architecture, location and the great people who sell books. I will spend some time looking at more of your posts on an interesting theme. Cheers!

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