#atozchallenge | S is for Smitty’s Dinner and Movie

Dinner and a movie has been around forever. Even before movies were invented, I suspect cavemen sat around roasting their dinner and watching the hieroglyphics on the walls. Today, dinner and a movie usually means to separate events, but there is one local movie destination where you can do both in one stop. Smitty’s Cinema, which is a small chain with theaters throughout Maine and one in New Hampshire, has table seating and a full menu so you can order dinner while enjoying the latest movie release.

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#atozchallenge | P is for Port City Music Hall and Bruce in the USA

My husband and I tried something new this past Valentine’s Day. We went to Port City Music Hall in Portland to listen to a Bruce Springsteen tribute band: Bruce in the USA. We’ve both been huge fans of Bruce for a long time, and have been fortunate enough to have seen him on many of his tours, but we weren’t sure what to expect from a cover band and I was a little nervous. In my hesitation, I waited until the morning of Valentine’s day to actually buy our tickets which meant we paid more for them. This didn’t sit well with my coupon loving soul but what can you do? It was my own fault.

It was the first time we had ever been to Port City Music Hall and the venue was great. It’s a large open space and, other than a small VIP seating area off the left, it was a standing room, general admissions event. I’m not sure if all their shows are setup the same way or not. I’ve read online that for some of their events, such as a comedy show, they do put out seats. But for this rocking evening, it was VIP or standing room. We were standing.

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