C is for Carved Wooden Spoons | 7 Tips to Keep Them Forever Young

I have an antique glass picture once owned by my great-grandmother. It sits next to my stove. It used to have bright red, painted cherries decorating the outside but they were not resilient to the hot water of my dishwasher. The color is gone but the general design remains and it still tells a story.

These days, it is filled to the brim with wooden utensils that I use for cooking. I’ve picked them up at various locations over the years. Some on my travels, but most are inexpensive and often need to be replaced at regular intervals. I think it might be time to start upgrading the contents of my pitcher.

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#atozchallenge | K is for Kitchen Tours

I’m an HGTV addict. My favorite show is Fixer Upper with Chip and Diana Gaines. Love that show and love them. They are just so sweet together. And, of course they take run down, sad little places and turn them into gorgeous showpieces. Having lived through my own major renovation, I know first hand that it’s much more fun to see it all happen in an hour with the big reveal at the end. I have renovation envy.

I’ve also been known to catch a few episodes of Property Brothers or their competition show Brother Vs. Brother. The thing that stands out for me in Brother Vs. Brother is that everyone always wants to tackle the kitchen. It’s where you can be creative and really get that wow factor. Kitchens have a big impact on the overall appeal of a house. People love kitchens.

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