#AtoZChallenge | Pom poms take my tea coaster from boring to brilliant

My locally made mug with the speckled glaze and original Maine flag imagery is the perfect size. It holds exactly a cup and a half of tea which is the just the right amount. The handle has a flat spot at the top where I can rest my thumb when picking up the mug. It’s a good mug. I use it every single day, sometimes multiple times a day.

While there is no shortage of coasters in our house, I wanted something unique that would be worthy of my mug. Felted wool balls  came to mind. They are soft, cozy, and would make a safe base to rest my mug.

I’ve felted wool. I made a felted heart with some small wool ball accents. Driving the needle into the wool again and again was easy but you need to do it for a long, long time to get that beautiful felted look. It is not for the casual crafter.

I was balancing so many craft projects that I didn’t want to invested hours creating the felted balls I would need for my coaster. Fortunately, one Etsy search later and I discovered a multi-colored world full of wool balls in any color and combination you could ever imagine.

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We visited 70 breweries on our journey to complete the Maine Beer Trail.

While the pandemic slowed us down, it didn’t stop us from finally crossing the finish line. After five years, thousands of miles and more tasting flights than I can count, we have officially visited the last stop on our Maine Beer Trail map.

On a chilly fall weekend, we drove up to Sheepscot Valley Brewing Company  in Whitefield and enjoyed a final round of craft beers. Other than the bottles of hand sanitizer and readily available masks, it was similar to the many other stops we made along the trail. It’s always fun to see what creative flavors Maine brewers have on tap. For this stop, I enjoyed their Mad Goose, a Belgian Pale Ale, while my husband drank a Pemaquid which is a Scottish Ale.

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#AtoZChallenge | I is for Islands and a perfect summer day on Monhegan.

There is something magical about a perfect summer day. It stays in our memory with such a force that we can easily return to it and relive the moments to brighten more dreary ones. Our trip to Monhegan Island was one of those days.

After a foggy boat ride out of New Harbor, we reached Monhegan Island where the sky was bright and clear. We immediately set off on the 4.4 mile Cliff Trail, which circles the outer edge of the island and opens onto one amazing ocean view after another. It is the embodiment of the rugged Maine coastline. Below is a slide show of images from our trip:

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#AtoZChallenge | C is for Craft Beer and five sours that bring a smile to my puckered lips.

Watching a video the first time a baby tries a lemon always makes me smile. That  immediate, reflexive pucker and confused expression not quite sure if they like this new mysterious taste or not.  For me, there’s no confusion. I love lemons and anything sour. I’ll still pucker up on occasion if the flavor is extremely sour but it’s one of my favorites.

While my go to movie candy is milk duds, sour patch kids is a close second. I can finish off the whole bag during the opening credits of the movie. I’m not proud of that fact. It’s why I only buy them occasionally.

So, it’s no surprise that my favorite craft beer is sour. Fortunately, there is an abundance of amazing options available in Maine for sour loving girls like me.

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