#AtoZChallenge | R is for Respectful disagreement and how a podcast gives me hope.

There is a poster that hangs in the attic. Would you date Dax Shepard? Apparently, the answer was a resounding no. I’ve never seen it but Dax has described it and a few guests have commented on it. I can relate. If I’d been polled when he and Kristen first got together. I would have been a no too.

I’ve changed my mind. I now understand his charms. Especially his love of learning new things and ability to engage with people and at times respectfully disagree with them. It’s one of the reasons that I’m a faithful armcherry and never miss an episode of the Armchair Expert podcast.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why I love the podcast. What I realized is that it’s the long conversation format that has drawn me into the podcast world.

I’m on social media. I enjoy the adorable pet pictures on Instagram, the witty twitter posts I come across and keeping up with extended family through Facebook. Unfortunately, social media has a downside. I have to slog through a lot of vitriol to find those humorous tweets and I’m exhausted with Facebook “friends” shouting their opinions into the aether and showing little interest in differing viewpoints. So far, Instagram hasn’t disappointed me. It’s the kinder, gentler social media, at least in my experience. But, it will probably disappointment me someday.

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Looking for a new podcast? Ten with a Maine connection for you to try.

My friend got me hooked on podcasts in an attempt to bring me into her fandoms. Her ultimate goal is that we will be able to go to some of the live shows for our favorite podcasts as many of them tour. We haven’t been able to catch any shows yet, but I am a podcast convert.

I listen to many of the ones she recommended including Modern Love and Invisiblia. But, I also started researching and found a fun set of podcasts, both small and large, with a connection to Maine. Sometimes the podcast is focused specifically on Maine and other times it’s not but the podcasters themselves are from Maine.

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