Looking for a new podcast? Ten with a Maine connection for you to try.

My friend got me hooked on podcasts in an attempt to bring me into her fandoms. Her ultimate goal is that we will be able to go to some of the live shows for our favorite podcasts as many of them tour. We haven’t been able to catch any shows yet, but I am a podcast convert.

I listen to many of the ones she recommended including Modern Love and Invisiblia. But, I also started researching and found a fun set of podcasts, both small and large, with a connection to Maine. Sometimes the podcast is focused specifically on Maine and other times it’s not but the podcasters themselves are from Maine.

Here is a list of locally connected podcasts that I’ve found so far. Some of these I’ve listened to more than others but I’ve enjoyed them all. Some may be a little more R rated than others so be sure to check the podcast sites for more details.

Do you want to learn something about the people of Maine?

The Maine Show with Ben Sprague. (Favorite Episode: How to Climb Mt. Katahdin #43). Ben is a Bangor City Counselor. On his podcast, he interviews various people from around Maine. I always learn something interesting from his show, and it reinforces my excitement about all the amazing things people in Maine are doing. Ben has an easy many and clear respect for the people he interviews.

Love Maine Radio with Dr. Lisa Belisle. (Favorite Episode: Treasuring Our Trash #247). This podcast is a production of Maine magazine. There are usually two different segments per podcast where Dr. Belisle interviews people from around the state. The two segments are generally related by topic area. This one has been around for a while with almost 300 episodes listed on iTunes as of this blog post. I have not listened to the full catalog, but have been intermittently listening to some of the newer episodes. Lisa has a friendly, pleasant demeanor and good rapport with her guests.

Do you want to know more about the business scene in Maine?

The Grow Maine Show with Marty Grohman. (Favorite Episode: Derek Volk of Volk Packaging Corporation). This show does not post as regularly as some of the others, but when it does I always enjoy the episodes. Marty Grohman is a current Maine State Representative from Biddeford and former business owner. His podcast focuses on the business scene in Maine and often highlights local entrepreneurs.

Maine Made with Laura Serino. (Favorite Episode: Avena Botanicals ) Unfortunately, this podcast has only five total episodes with the last one released in 2/2016. The episodes focus on buying local which is a personal passion of mine and why I included it in this post even though it’s not an active podcast. I wish there were more episodes, but it looks like’s she’s pretty busy. According to her Twitter bio she’s an organic skincare maker at Island Apothecary out of North Haven as well as producer of another podcast eCommerceFuel.

Do you want to learn about Maine’s history?

Maine Historical Society. This one is not specifically a podcast but rather an audio recording of their public lectures, programs, and events. (Favorite Episode: A Conversation with Lucas St. Clair | January 12, 2017). I love to hike and am always in awe of the amazing nature that we have access to here in Maine. I’ve been carefully watching the developments related to the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument and enjoyed this discussion with Lucas St. Clair about how it came together and the challenges it still faces.

Are you looking for something fun and goofy?

What’s With You? Scooby-Doo! with Nic Robes (Favorite Episode: Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island #21) For this podcast, the host Nic is joined by a guest and they proceed to discuss the minutia of a specific Scooby-Doo episode. I’m a big Scooby Doo fan. My girls both went through extended Scooby-Doo phases when they were younger which gave me a great excuse to throw an elaborate Scooby-Doo birthday party complete with family costumes.  I’m enjoy listing to people discuss random episodes of Scooby Doo.  It looks like Nic’s ramping up for 2017 too. He’ll be doing another live recording of the podcast on Friday, June 23rd as part of PortCon Maine.

Arcadia National Podcast. (Favorite Episode:  Marvel v DC #79 ) This podcast features bar employees and patrons of Arcadia National Bar. I think there are usually four hosts but it varies. This one is really funny and the podcasters interact well with one another. I usually laugh out loud a few times during each episode. The premise is that they discuss and review games they have played while drinking (usually adult) beverages. The games can be from any format. They often go off on a few tangents along the way too.  They also end each podcast with a question that you can respond to via phone, e-mail or twitter and they’ll review the answers in the next episode so they are engaging with their audience.

Please Like This Podcast with Jera and Stover. (Favorite Episode: Favorite TV & Movie Presidents) I do like this podcast! For this podcast, the co-hosts hang out and talk pop-culture while trying to convince one another to like the stuff they’re watching and/or listening too. I usually pick up a few tips on new shows or episodes to check out after listening to one of their podcasts. I also appreciate their goal. I’m always trying to convince my friends to like my fandoms too.

Want to learn something about our craft beer culture? 

Great Beer Adventure with Amanda Doughty. (Favorite Episode:  Freshmen Orientation | 8 Mini Episodes)

Amanda originally started the Great Beer Adventure as a blog, but after a break to start her family, she has returned with an active podcast.

Amanda has great insight and covers the full breadth of the craft beer scene in Maine. If you’re looking for a deep dive into the industry, this is the show for you. I love learning more about the brewers behind the many and varied breweries in Maine. Amanda also does other topics including a recent one on Family Friendly Breweries. I’m fairly new to this podcast so haven’t listen to a lot of the earlier ones, but have enjoyed the ones I’ve heard. She also has expanded beyond breweries in Maine, although I’ve listened only to the Maine focused ones.

Plethora Podcast  (Favorite: Episode 8 / Kyle Poissonnier of Katalyst) This podcast has three hosts: Alex Lyscars, Austin Miller and Ben Moore.

This is a loosely beer based podcast in that they’re usually drinking beer during the episode, but the topics vary wildly depending on the guest, and tangents the hosts might take, although they always circle back to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu a minimum of once per episode. The local craft beer scene does come up often as well.

When I listened to the first episode, I wasn’t sure this one would be for me. It had a real frat boy mentality with plenty of swearing, bathroom humor, and many, many random tangents before they eventually circled back to beer. I get it. I’m probably not the target audience. However, when I returned to the podcast, I started with their more recent episodes and found that they were easier to follow and had a fun, easy-going vibe. The episodes often offer real insight into not only the craft beer scene, but life in Portland, entrepreneurship and carving out your own place. While I often disagree with their opinions, I like the nuanced discussions.

Note, the episodes are super long usually running between 1-2 hours and they have explicit content.

I’m sure this is far from complete listing of podcasts with ties to Maine. Some of these I stumbled upon or heard about through a social media post, others I found on iTunes. I’m always working to add to my list as I continue to research and work to expand my knowledge of Maine. And, sometimes I just like to listen to something silly too.

Maybe someday I’ll try podcasting myself and the endless hours I now spend listening to them will be my research. And, if not, they’re fun.

Do you know of any others? Do you have a favorite podcast that you listen to?

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