Hiking Maine | An Especially Lovely Hike on the Presumpscot River Trail

Slow, lazy Sunday mornings that gradually lead into more active adventure later in the day are the routine in my house. So on a past Sunday morning, still in pajamas and streaming episodes of the Gilmore Girls, I was content knowing I’d get more active later in the day. But, when the living room suddenly darkened as thunder showers passed through, it made the hike we had planned for later that day more tentative, and the chances of me staying rooted to the recliner more likely.

Fortunately for my health, the storm, while intense, was brief and followed by brighter skies signaling the return of our outdoor plans. Once things cleared, we headed out to the Presumpscot River Trail, which is part of the Portland Trails network.

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Maine Hikes | Little River Preserve Gorham, Maine

We were looking for something a little more strenuous when picking out next hike but also having limited time needed to stay somewhat local. So, we headed to Gorham and the Little River Preserve . Still being new to hiking, finding the trail entrance is often a struggle for us. They can be somewhat hidden.

This trail was even harder to find than usual for us. It’s located on Route 202 on the eastbound side right before Little River Drive, but we drove by it a few times before finally seeing the entrance. Once we found it, we realized there was also a small parking area by the trail entrance. Continue reading