Snow Covered Tree Branches

I miss snow days

We’re having a mild winter. It’s nice to get a break from some of the harsher ones that we’ve had as of late. It’s February and there is grass not snow covering the ground. While I appreciate the warm weather, and it was especially nice to be walking around Freeport yesterday without a coat, I have to admit that I’m a little disappointed in our winter so far this year.

I love snow days! Snow days force you to slow down and take a breath. They provide an opportunity where you don’t have to “do” anything. Deadlines are put on hold. Errands can wait. The pace is leisurely and relaxed making the day seem to last longer than most.

Although, the joy of snow days is starting to change. As adults we don’t always get to experience them fully, the way I remember from childhood. I was in middle school during the blizzard of 78, and I don’t recall any of the challenges of the storm. I realize the storm took a horrible toll with many deaths and extensive devastation left throughout the area. I certainly wouldn’t wish for that kind of weather that puts so many people at risk.

As a child at the time, the only thing that I remember from that storm was getting an entire week off from school. Even when it wasn’t snowing, they couldn’t clear the snow fast enough to re-open things. It was one of the only times that the snow cancellations were announced days in advance so I could actually plan to sleep in. For a child, not dealing with the storms realities, it was the best unplanned winter break ever, and so much fun.

Because they are better able to predict the weather, or quicker to cancel (maybe a little of both), my girls often know in advance whether or not they will be having school. But, when I was young, I remember getting up early, and immediately turning on the TV to watch the long, long scroll of cancellations to see if our school was one of the “lucky” ones. It was a huge bummer if I looked away, or got distracted, when my school was coming up on the list, as I’d have to wait for the entire list to scroll through again. Now, my girls don’t even have to get out of bed. We get a call to our home phone, text messages on all our cell phones, and an e-mail notification that there is no school. It usually comes early, and well before they are even getting up for school.

There are times as an adult when I’m not a fan of snow days:

  • If I’m in a car, trying to get someplace, snow is not nearly as much fun, and can be unsafe. I’ve had a few experiences skidding of the road in snow.
  • If we are not stocked up with supplies and can’t leave to get what we need, it makes things less enjoyable. Depending on what you need, it can also be stressful. Plus, I like my snow day snacks.
  • When the propane delivery truck arrives and sticks the bill in my door, the realities of winter sink in again. Long, cold snow-day filled winters are tough on the wallet.
  • When we lose power, and we have to get the generator going, it makes for more work than fun although I’m extremely happy to have a generator. A snow day without power is only fun for a short time, until the chill from having no heat kicks in.

But, when everyone is safely at home, the heat is working, and you have the supplies that you need, snow days can be a wonderful thing. I want to hold onto that bonus day feeling of having a day off with nothing to do, and how it reminds me of that one vivid week from my childhood when everything stopped.

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