#atozchallenge | U is for Udon Noodles at Mi Sen Noodle Bar

I have a nipponophile in my house. I had no idea that I had one until I did a quick google search for “someone who likes Japan and Japanese Culture” and up popped this new word. It started innocently enough with an interest in Japanese anime and then it expanded into a love of all things Japanese. One of her key areas of passion is Japanese food and especially noodles such as udon noodles.

Thinking I’d earn Mom points for taking her to a noodle house, we headed into Portland one recent Friday night to try Mi Sen Noodle Bar. It is a cute place, with nice decor and a serene atmosphere. But, one thing it is not, is a Japanese noodle house. My husband said I should have known by the name, and he is probably right, but I was focused only on the “noodle bar” part. While it does serve udon noodles, it is Thai based which gives their dishes a different flavor.

Clearly, instead of googling nipponophile, I should have spent more time looking up “Japanese” noodle houses in Portland, Maine. But, still she was going to get udon noodles so all was not lost. I probably should clarify that while she loves Japanese noodle soup, she really orders chicken noodle soup with udon noodles. As soon as you start adding too much to the bowl, it becomes an issue for her.

We started the meal with the steamed dumpling appetizer which were a big hit with everyone at the table. They were nice, light and flavorful. We also ordered the crab rangoon. They forgot to bring them before our meal, but after a quick check, they brought them out with our soups which was fine. They were fantastic. Crab rangoon is one of my favorites so I’m a bit biased, but they were wonderful and you could really taste the crab.

We each ordered a noodle dish. My husband and our udon noodle girl got the num daeng while our other daughter ordered the dry noodles. I went for something with a little kick and chose the tom yum num sai. We hit about fifty percent on liking our meals but I really don’t think that was because of the restaurant. It was the fact that expectations were not set properly. I blame google.

But, even if the meal was not perfect, it was a fun family dinner outing and I would recommend the restaurant. Just remember it’s a Thai Noodle Bar!

Mi Sen Noodle Bar

Mi Sen Noodle Bar

things to know
Mi Sen Noodle Bar 630 Congress St, Portland, ME 04101
Phone (207) 747-4838
Website Mi Sen
Favorite ♥ Crag Rangoon

I’m participating in a Blogging A-Z Challenge for April 2016. I will be posting new content every day except Sundays. Each post is associated with a letter of the alphabet, starting with A and ending with Z. My theme for the challenge is Life in Maine, and each post will in some way relate to Maine. There are over 1500 other bloggers participating in the challenge. Click HERE to learn more.

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29 thoughts on “#atozchallenge | U is for Udon Noodles at Mi Sen Noodle Bar

  1. The Widow Badass says:

    Yum! I was in Portland a couple of years ago for a work event. Wish I’d had more time to check out the restaurants because our hosts said it was a foodie paradise. Great post!

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  2. evelyneholingue says:

    It is amazing to see the number of new places to eat in Portland. In the mid 1990’s it was hard to find anything beyond seafood (I still loved Portland then).
    Being a huge Japanese food fan I’ll remember Mi Sen Noodle Bar for my next upcoming trip to Maine.
    Good luck for the last five letters.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. dyannedillon says:

    I’ve never had udon noodles. Japanese food is not a thing around here. We do have a couple of decent Thai restaurants, though. I like pad thai. As for noodle soup, my favorite is Vietnamese pho. Can’t get that here, either, but my daughter and I get it in a city a little over an hour from here, plus we get it annually at this ginormous Vietnamese Catholic festival in a neighboring town.

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