Maine Hikes | Douglas Mountain, Sebago

Now that we’ve been hiking a bit more regularly, we figured why not skip ahead to a more challenging destination. After a bit of research we decided to head to Douglas Mountain in Sebago. Why bother with all that pesky gradual increase in intensity from hike to hike. Let’s just jump right in. In fairness, it wasn’t that extreme a leap, it just felt like it on a few of the steeper inclines.

It was probably the first hike we have taken this spring that really did fall more into the hiking side of things rather than the walking one. There are a few trails that you can take to the summit but, not really knowing a lot about the options, we headed out on the first one we came to after parking in the lot, which was the Eagle Scout Trail.

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Lobster Rolls from Bite into Maine Food Truck

Food Trucks have been on the rise in recent years and that’s a great thing for food lovers. There are so many creative, unique ones in the greater Portland area and we’re looking forward checking some of them out this summer. With that goal in mind, we headed out to Bite Into Maine this past Saturday. I had been hearing a lot about this food truck in recent months and was craving a lobster roll. Not really surprising. I’m always  craving a lobster roll.

Food trucks come in a lot of varieties. They can be truly mobile and head to different locations from day-to-day adding a sense of adventure to getting your meal. Other food trucks might specialize in attending festivals, or other gatherings, and be more of an event type truck. Still others are located in the same place and, while technically mobile, can always be found in one spot.

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Maine Hikes | Little River Preserve Gorham, Maine

We were looking for something a little more strenuous when picking out next hike but also having limited time needed to stay somewhat local. So, we headed to Gorham and the Little River Preserve . Still being new to hiking, finding the trail entrance is often a struggle for us. They can be somewhat hidden.

This trail was even harder to find than usual for us. It’s located on Route 202 on the eastbound side right before Little River Drive, but we drove by it a few times before finally seeing the entrance. Once we found it, we realized there was also a small parking area by the trail entrance. Continue reading

Friday Night Happy Hour Stops at Crooners & Cocktails and Sonny’s

This past Friday was a bit of a ping-pong day for us with some bouncing back and forth to and from Portland. We took advantage of the situation and on our last trip into the city decided to grab a lite bite at one of the many happy hour destinations.

Happy Hour is like hitting the early bird special but getting to enjoy a beer with your meal. How awesome is that? And, all at a nice little discount.

Our first stop was Crooners & Cocktails. This is a beautifully executed theme restaurant with a throw back feel to the days of Frank Sinatra and The Rat Pack. The black and white decor lends a cocktail party flair to the atmosphere. I think I would have been comfortable in that era. I have spent many weekends watching movies set during the time period so, naturally, I enjoy the look and feel of this destination.

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Maine Hikes | Riverton Trolley Park in Portland, Maine

This hike caught my attention when I learned that there used to be a Trolley Park in the area that was a destination for people during the turn of the century. They would take the trolley out from Portland and enjoy various activities.

According to the City of Portland Website, “Riverton Trolley Park was established in 1896. At the turn of the century, the Park was one of Portland’s premier attractions. It was established in 1896 and operated until 1929. The park, which was served by a trolley that departed from Square, contained a casino, an amphitheater, dance hall, and a wildlife petting zoo.

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