Unexpected Delights at Foulmouthed Brewpub in South Portland

There was a time when my family headed to Quebec City during the cold winter months to enjoy winter carnival. We would see amazing ice sculptures and huddle for warmth inside small, cozy bars. One of the biggest memories from these trips up north was discovering poutine for the first time.

Eating fries smothered in thick gravy and topped with cheese is probably useful in the dead of winter when you need as much body fat as you can muster, but it’s not something you want to eat every day. For a long time, it remained our special treat when we crossed the border, but in the last few years I’ve noticed this food dish having its moment in Maine. While basic poutine can be found easily these days, some of our local chefs have jazzed up the recipe and put their own spin on it.

When I saw poutine on the menu during a recent outing to Foulmouthed Brewery in South Portland, I immediately knew what I was going to order. It wasn’t the reason for our trip to this brewpub. We’d headed there because, with my more limited palette for craft beer, I was excited to go to a brewery that served wine and other drink options beyond their beer selection. The poutine was just a nice, unexpected bonus.

There is a long bar along the back side of the brewpub with a mix of tables on the other. While it was busy, we were able to find a table for two next to one of the windows that line one side of the building. The space, which is a former auto garage, is welcoming with a black and white palette, light wooden accents and simple decor.

I ordered a glass of white wine while my husband went with Foulmouthed’s Dig the Fig which he really enjoyed. The Dig the Fig beer description on the Foulmouthed website reads,

“Brewed in collaboration with homebrewer, Gregg Carine. This Belgian style amber ale is brewed with just a hint of cherrywood smoked malts. Then it is aged on fresh Brown Turkey Figs and black peppercorn. The resulting brew is layered and complex with a light, fruity nose, a subtle smokey pepper bite, and a Newton nish.”

Our poutine arrived quickly. We opted to share since it’s such a heavy dish. It was upscale and delicious with large chunks of bacon rounding out the decadent mix of flavors. It also had a touch of smokiness which my husband loved. According to the menu, it was made with local Pineland Farm cheese curds. Cooler winter nights call for a little splurge.

After a long week, we only had the energy for one drink and our poutine, but the vibe was friendly and inviting. It has a real neighborhood feel and looks to be a great place to hang out. We need to come back so I can explore more of their menu options and try some of their other drink offerings. In addition to beer and wine, they have a creative cocktail list too.


things to know
Brewery Foulmouthed Brewery
Address 15 Ocean St, South Portland, ME 04106
Phone (207) 618-6977
Website  Foulmouthed Brewery
Favorite ♥ Neighborhood Vibe

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