Four reasons why I love Allagash Brewing.

My husband is persistent. He has tried over the years to convert me into a beer connoisseur although will little success. He delights in trying the latest local craft brew concoction, while looking at me with disdain as I enjoyed my Corona with lime under his chilly gaze. So in an effort to improve our beer compatibility, I gave it the old college try until I finally found a craft brew that I enjoyed. Actually, more than enjoyed, really loved. So a huge thank you to Allagash White for helping my marriage run a little smoother.

In addition to being the creators of my craft beer of choice, there are other reasons why Allagash is one of my favorite local breweries. Here are four reasons why I’m a big Allagash fan.

Street Fair

This annual event is still in its infancy. This past summer they celebrated their second annual Allagash Street Fair. I’ve attended both street fairs. It’s so much fun. While there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy Allagash beer, they also have other local craft breweries represented as well as some out-of-state brewers. My husband loves to try a little of everything, but I pretty much stick to Allagash White, although I did try Sixteen Counties, which is their beer made from locally sourced Maine ingredients, for the first time at this summer’s street fair. It was delicious too.

There is a full line up of food trucks and local food vendors at the street fair. The first year I discovered Eventide Oyster Co.’s lobster roll with its glorious browned butter flavor, and this year we got some yummy desserts from Cannoli Joe’s.

There are performances throughout the space and local craft vendors selling their products. This year’s admission price included a reusable souvenir cup which replaced plastic cups and allowed for a more environmentally friendly option for the event.

Other Events

In addition to the the Street Fair, Allagash hosts a variety of other creative events. We attempted to go to their showing of The Goonies at one of their movie nights at the brewery but completely and spectacularly misjudged how many other people enjoy Allagash. Even though the event was free, pre-registration was required. We were sadly lacking in pre-registration planning, so we were not able to stay for the movie, but the staff could not have been more kind. We did leave with some complimentary bottle openers as a consolation for our poor planning.

They also hosted a fabulous holiday craft fair at the brewery called Stomping Grounds one Friday night this past December. Various local craftsman setup tables throughout the brewery and sold their creative products. I snagged a fun wine themed ornament, and some local fermented hot sauce from Resurgam Fermentation.

It’s worth keeping an eye on their events page to see what they have planned. There’s always something fun on their list.

Tasting Room

Allagash has a gorgeous tasting room and, as an added bonus, tasting flights are free. This came in especially useful as we attempted a zero spending month recently which severely impacted our ability to go on social outings. Being the antsy type, I still wanted to go out so Allagash it was. Of course, we went out on the first day of the month. I might have wanted to keep this outing in my back pocket for later in the month when I was even more stir crazy, but it felt like a good kick-off to things too.

As you arrive, the receptionist checks your ID and gives you a token for one free tasting flight of four 3 ounce beers. In addition to my favorite Allagash White, we got to try their Saisan, Tripel as well as Sixteen Counties. The tasting room selection is always changing, but you can check online at their website to see what they have available.


If Allagash is your beer of choice in Maine, then there’s a pretty good chance you’ll be able to find it on tap at most locations. I know I have! They have a strong presence in other states too. They were recently named Brewer Partner of the Year at National Beer Wholesalers Association Annual Convention recognizing the work they do with their distributors.

I’m a convert now, and in the process of swapping out Corona for Allagash White in our refrigerator. This makes my husband happy although now he’s on to pushing the stouts. Maybe someday.

Allagash Brewery, Portland, Maine

things to know
Name Allagash Brewing Company
Address 50 Industrial Way
Portland, ME 04103
Phone 800.330.5385
Website Allagash Brewing Company
Favorite ♥ Allagash White

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6 thoughts on “Four reasons why I love Allagash Brewing.

  1. Sarah Ferguson and Choppy says:

    Paul has yet to convert me to drinking beer (there are some I like, but those beers definitely fall into the category of ‘things Paul just shakes his head at in disbelief’ – I prefer my beer watery and not terribly beer-like). Now, if I got to watch The Goonies and drink beer, though…I might be able to drink one. And hope there is wine available.

    Liked by 1 person

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