S is for Stringin’ Along with ME | Giving new life to old guitar strings.

My daughter went through a Shrinky DinksTM phase. Shrinky Dinks are sheets of plastic that can be drawn and colored on and then put in the oven where they shrink down forming a hard plastic. My daughter made me a pair of domino earrings out of the plastic sheets one year for mother’s day. I think I’m wearing them in my LinkedIn profile picture.  While I love them because they were made by my daughter, they are certainly not an environmentally friendly creation and for my letter S, I’m focusing on the opposite direction in jewelry art.

I am always in awe of recycled art and crafts people who turn discarded items into something beautiful again. I’ve been known to tackle a few recycled craft projects myself, and blogged previously about one of my creations in my post Recycled Magazine Circles Decorative Bowl. I love this stuff!

So, it’s no surprise that I’m over the moon for jewelry from Stringin’ Along with ME. Betina Clark, the jewelry designer behind this company, makes wonderful one of a kind jewelry out of recycled strings from guitars, bass guitars and other stringed instruments.

I am partial to the earrings and especially like her entwined line which has a fun texture, but there are also simple hoops as well. The hoop style earrings have so much character.  In addition to earrings she makes bracelets and pendants.

I had been eyeing the jewelry from Stringin’ Along with ME for a while. I had seen it in my shopping travels a few times, and finally bought a pair of earrings for a gift this past Christmas. It’s also gratifying to know that not only does my purchase support a local artist, but a portion of the purchase is donated to 317 Main, a nonprofit out of Yarmouth, Maine that provides music instruction for all ages.

Do you have some old guitar strings laying around? Stringin’ Along with ME also takes donations of used guitar/base strings, or they can create a custom piece using your own used guitar strings.

While you can purchase the jewelry on the Stringin’ Along with ME’s website, Betina also attends some of the local area craft fairs and her jewelry is carried in a few shops. I bought my earrings at the Portland flea-for-all located at 585 Congress St, Portland, ME 04101. Stringin’ Along with ME is there on the weekends.  It’s a great chance to see them up close and look at all the styles before picking your favorite. It will be hard. They’re all beautiful!

Plus, the Portland flea-for-all is an amazing store and you might even find a few extra treasures during your trip. They have an eclectic mix of items based on their rotating line up of vendors and consignors. You can find anything from furniture pieces, vintage clothing items, art deco glassware through to new items from local artisans.

What is the most unique piece of jewelry you have seen using recycled or re-purposed materials?

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24 thoughts on “S is for Stringin’ Along with ME | Giving new life to old guitar strings.

  1. Louise says:

    I am now mostly curious how they keep themselves in supplies. Are there really that many broken guitar strings out there – and how do they find them?

    That thought out of the way, these are beautiful. I am actually not huge on jewelry so I can’t think of any recycled pieces I own. I do spend time at craft fairs though as my mom’s a knitter, so I am sure I’ve seen it and simply not made the connection. I will look more closely in future.

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  2. aslifehappens60 says:

    I admire your passion for recycling and its so awesome that you are supporting the local artisans . Love those earrings. So much creativity. I had wanted to visit Maine during my sojourn in New Jersey . It never materialised . Hope it happens one day, though i am continents away now. 🙂
    Best wishes

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    • Weekends in Maine says:

      I always have mixed results with my crafts as well but I think that’s part of the artistic process. They don’t all work but when they do it’s awesome.

      There is another Maine company that make bags and such out of recycled sail clothes – Sea Bags. Their products are beautiful. I wonder if that’s similar to what you saw on Maui.


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